What insurance does a CCTV installer require?

What insurance does a CCTV installer require?

Getting the correct insurance in place is vital and as a CCTV installer you will need quality insurance to financially protect you from the daily issues you may face. In your daily job you may deal with customers in their houses or clients in their businesses, in both of these cases the correct insurance is crucial as you never know what might happen. On top of insurance for yourself there might be other insurance options you require, such as employers’ liability.

In this article we will look at the various insurance options you will need to consider as a CCTV installer. It’s completely up to you what insurance you take out, except for employers’ liability cover if you have staff, but can you afford to be unprotected? While we hope you find this article useful feel free to contact us if you have any more questions, you can call 01788 878044 or click here to email us.

Liability Insurance

There are two types of liability insurance you need to consider;, public liability and, if you hire staff, employers’ liability:

  • Public liability – Public liability insurance can protect you financially from injury or claims made from a member of the public. The public, which could be a client, could make a claim against you for a number of reasons, including: damage caused to the client’s property and a member of the public being injured because of your work.
    These reasons make public liability a key component to any CCTV installers’ insurance package, could you afford to deal with an expensive compensation claim? Including the legal fees? This is where public liability will keep you covered.

  • Employers’ liability – It’s a legal requirement to have employers’ liability if you employ any staff, including part-time or temporary staff. This cover will protect you from claims made by your staff, there are various reasons staff might make a claim including: illness caused by working for you and injury sustained due to work they are doing on your behalf.
    So, if you employ staff this cover is critical and a legal requirement, you can add employers’ liability cover to your insurance package for the possibility of a lower premium and a more convenient insurance policy.

Tools Cover

As a CCTV installer your tools are an important part of your day job, without them you may find yourself unable to complete your work. Covering your tools will mean you won’t be out of pocket if you need to replace your tools for various reasons, for example if your tools are stolen or damaged. Tools cover can be a critical part to your insurance package, covering the equipment you need the most.

Personal Accident

What happens if you are unable to work? Can you afford to be without your income while paying out medical costs if you are injured? Personal accident cover will protect you if you are injured while at work, this cover will cover your medical expenses as well as your lost income. You never know what could happen, from falling off a ladder to dropping a piece of heavy equipment on your foot, so protecting yourself financially is key.

Protect Your Business

If you run a CCTV business you will need to protect your building and your company, below we look at what insurance options you may need to consider as a CCTV installation business:

  • Buildings insurance – The building you operate out of will need business insurance, this will financially protect your property from natural disasters as well as break-ins, this can prove critical in keeping your business running after an unfortunate event
  • Legal protection – Thiswill assist your business in the case that an individual or company decide to take legal action against your company. This can include legal fees and any compensation that may need to be paid out
  • Business interruption insurance – What would happen if your business couldn’t operate for an unknown period of time? This cover will protect your income while your business gets back to where it needs to be

Would You Like To Know More?

At Coversure Rugby we want to help you have a better understanding of the insurance you need and we hope this article has given you a better understanding of the different parts that can make up your CCTV installer insurance package. Here at Coversure Rugby we know the security industry and we can protect you while you protect others.

If you require anymore advice or if you would like a free no-obligation insurance quote from a friendly and helpful team, talk to us today by calling 01788 878044 or click here to send our team an email, they look forward to helping you.

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