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Courier Insurance FAQs

Coversure Redditch is one of the UK’s leading courier insurance brokers.  Since opening our doors in 2000, we’ve been asked one or two questions about courier insurance, everything from ‘How can I save on courier insurance’ to ‘What insurance does a courier need?’

So, to make getting your courier insurance quote easier, to show you how van courier insurance through Coversure Redditch can be tailored to your needs, and to explain why having cover is vital if you are being paid to deliver goods, we’ve put together a list of top ten frequently asked questions about courier insurance.

We hope these courier insurance FAQs will be useful.  If you’d like some independent advice specific to your situation, please call us on (01527) 758 256email Coversure Redditch, or start your courier insurance quote here.

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  1. What insurance does a courier need?

Van couriers and other delivery drivers need courier insurance.  If you do paid deliveries, be that part-time, using your own vehicle, or are a business owner who delivers goods, you’ll need courier insurance.  Courier insurance not only covers damage, fire, and theft of your vehicle but can offer options for your public liability, goods in transit, and employer’s liability too.  Courier cover from Coversure Redditch can be tailored for all professional delivery driver roles.

  1. How can I save on courier insurance?

Our top 5 tips for saving on courier insurance are:

1) Use a specialist independent insurance broker.  An independent brokerage like ours can access policies from a range of leading insurers and do the shopping around for you

2) Increase your policy excess, the amount you pay in the event of a claim

3) Consider courier fleet insurance if your delivery business has two or more vehicles as it could reduce the cost of cover per vehicle

4) Get a named driver policy, it’s less flexible, but if you’re the only person driving your van for commercial purposes, it could save you money

5) Get a telematics system, a computerised vehicle tracker could help reduce accidents and, therefore, lower premiums.

For more tips on how to save on your Courier Insurance, call Coversure Redditch on (01527) 758 256, or email Coversure Redditch.

  1. Do ‘lifestyle couriers’ and part-time delivery drivers need courier insurance?

Yes, lifestyle couriers and part-time delivery drivers do need courier insurance.  Doing paid deliveries on a standard motor insurance policy will invalidate your policy.

  1. Is Courier insurance a legal requirement?

Yes, having insurance to drive a vehicle on UK public roads is a legal requirement.  If you are using your vehicle for paid deliveries, standard motor insurance won’t give you the cover you need.  Courier insurance can cover any vehicle and can be tailored to suit part-time, lifestyle, or businesses undertaking deliveries.  If you’re a business with employees, you’ll also need employer’s liability insurance which can be added to a courier insurance quote.

  1. Can you deliver goods without courier insurance?

No, if you are delivering goods for payment, then this would invalidate your standard motor insurance.  It is a legal requirement to have a valid insurance policy to drive on UK public roads so you’ll need courier insurance.

  1. What insurance do self-employed couriers need?

Self-employed couriers need courier insurance.  If you are using your car, van, or motorbike to do paid deliveries, then you’ll need courier cover.  This type of insurance can be tailored to your needs – part-time, lifestyle, self-employed, and business owners who do deliveries for money.

  1. What happens if I don’t have courier insurance?

If you don’t have courier insurance and are undertaking paid deliveries, then you’ll have no insurance protection, which would be illegal on UK public roads.  You could receive an unlimited fine and be disqualified from driving.  You’ll also have no protection should your vehicle be stolen or damaged in an accident or a fire.  You’d have to pay for your repairs or replacement and potential repairs or replacement for others out of your own pocket.

  1. If I’m delivering goods, do I need any special insurance?

Yes, you’ll need courier insurance.  If you are using your car, van, or motorbike to do paid deliveries, then you’ll need Courier insurance.  This type of insurance can be tailored to your needs – part-time, lifestyle, self-employed, and small business owners.

  1. Can I deliver goods in my car with my standard motor insurance?

No, delivering goods for payment in your own car would invalidate your standard motor insurance policy.  You need Courier Insurance.

  1. How can I get a courier insurance quote?

For a courier insurance quote that’s tailored to your specific needs, contact Coversure Redditch, one of the UK’s leading courier insurance brokers. Call us on (01527) 758256 or start your courier insurance quote here.

Looking for Courier Insurance?

Well, we hope these frequently asked questions and answers on courier insurance have given you the information you need.  If you have some more specific questions about what a courier policy can offer, then please get in touch with Coversure Redditch.  You can call us on (01527) 758256, email Coversure Redditch, or get a courier insurance quote here.

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