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What Is Minibus Insurance?

Minibus insurance is a specialist form of protection designed to meet the needs of minibus, people carrier, and coach owners. A typical policy can cover your vehicle and passengers from a range of risks, a legal requirement for driving on public roads.

How Can You Save on Minibus Insurance?

Everyone wants to find ways to save on their insurance without compromising on the quality of cover.  You can potentially cut your policy costs by:

  • Increasing your excess – if you’re confident in your driving abilities, increasing your excess – the amount you pay in the event of a claim – can be a simple way to reduce insurance premiums
  • Secure your vehicle – insurers will often provide discounts on more secure vehicles, as it reduces the risk of them being broken into or stolen.  By investing in increased security features – such as internal cameras, alarms, and deadlocks – you’ll not only get the peace of mind that your vehicle is safer when unattended, but you can also benefit from lower premiums
  • Build up your no-claims discount (NCD) – have you been driving for years without a claim?  Insurers regularly offer discounts based on how long you have been claim free.  If your driving history is as a named driver rather than the actual policyholder, you may not be able to get a NCD.  If this is your situation, ensure you become a policyholder as soon as you can so you can reap the benefits of a NCD
  • Install a telematics system – you may have noticed that technology like black box devices (telematics) are becoming more common in relation to insurance policies.  This is because they provide insurers with more information and prevent them from being left in the dark over a claim – especially when claims are disputed.  A black box telematics system fitted in your minibus could be a way to save money on your cover
  • Reduce your mileage – lower mileage can result in lower premiums
  • Have a named driver policy – specifying who can drive the vehicle rather than having an any driver policy can also reduce your costs, especially if the named drivers have good claims histories

What Type of Minibus Insurance Is Right for You?

Like most motor policies, minibus insurance comes in various forms, offering different levels of protection.  The most common types are:

  • Third-party only – this is the minimum cover required by law and will only protect you for third-party liabilities – e.g., damage to another driver’s vehicle in the event of an accident that was your fault
  • Third-party, fire, and theft – this is the same as third-party, but it also insures your vehicle should it be stolen or damaged, or lost in a fire
  • Fully comprehensive – fully comprehensive will cover you should your vehicle be lost to fire, stolen and, in the event of an accident, it will pay for repairs to your vehicle even if the accident was your fault

Minibus cover through Coversure offers three further options:

  • Social, domestic, and pleasure – sometimes called SDP cover, this is for people who don’t use their minibus, coach, or MPV to carry paying passengers
  • Public or private hire – this is for vehicles that can be hailed by people on the street or booked in advance.  Most minibuses will need private hire cover, which covers trips that are booked in advance only
  • Minibus fleet – if you have two or more vehicles, you can get a minibus fleet insurance policy and potentially save money on per vehicle cover and cut down on admin

Which of these options is suitable for you depends on how you use your vehicle and how much you want to spend.  If you’re unsure which is best for you, please contact your local Coversure, and they’ll be happy to give you some independent advice.

What does Minibus Insurance cover?

Depending on the policy you choose, the following may be included or come as optional extras:

Protected no claims bonus

In the event of a claim, you won’t lose your any claims discount

Excess protection

If you’re required to pay an excess, such as if an uninsured driver hits you or you’re at fault in an accident, you’ll be insured against the excess costs

Motor legal

Accidents happen, and you can protect yourself with up to £100,000 of motor legal cover, including recovery of uninsured losses, personal injury cover, and a guaranteed replacement vehicle regardless of fault

Public liability for private and public hire minibuses

If you are responsible for causing injury or damaging the property of a member of the public and they decide to take legal action against you, you’ll be glad you have public liability insurance in place.  It will help with the costs of mounting a defence and paying any compensation awards

Replacement Vehicle for non-fault accidents

Handy if your vehicle is in regular use

Breakdown Cover

Your vehicle is your business, and if it’s off the road, you can’t earn. Adding breakdown insurance to your policy can help you get back on the road sooner. Including home start and European options

How Much Does Minibus Insurance Cost?

The cost of your policy will depend on a range of factors, including:

  • Your age - younger drivers and much older ones are likely to pay more.  Many insurers will only cover people aged 21-70, and you will need to be 21 or over and have been driving for at least two years before you can drive a minibus
  • Your postcode
  • The type of driving you do – private usage or for hire
  • Where the vehicle is kept – off-street parking will usually lead to lower premiums
  • Your claims history – nothing will push up costs like a claim
  • How much no claims bonus you have
  • The value of the vehicle
  • How long you’ve been driving a minibus – more experienced drivers can see reduced premiums, depending on their claims history
  • Your expected annual mileage – the higher the mileage, the more you can expect to pay
  • Your access to other vehicles – having access to other vehicles is likely to reduce your premiumWhether you want to add other named drivers to your policy

How to Cut the Costs Of Minibus Insurance?

There are many ways you can potentially reduce your premium, and these include:

  • Pay annually rather than monthly
  • Parking your vehicle off the road or in a secure location
  • Enhancing its security – a vehicle tracker, an upgraded alarm/immobiliser, telematics device, and interior CCTV will all help secure your vehicle
  • Keep your mileage down
  • Keep coverage to the UK only
  • Sticking to a named rather than any driver policy

The best way to find out how much protection you need is to contact your local Coversure. They’ll be able to advise you as to what you need and create a package of Minibus cover for you.

Minibus Insurance FAQ

This can be a complex area of cover, so to help you get the protection you need, here are Coversure’s minibus frequently asked questions.  We hope they will be of use, but if you’d like some personalised independent advice, contact your local Coversure office.

Yes, you can only avoid it by officially declaring it off the road to the DVLA and applying for a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN)

No, as there are additional, specific risks associated minibuses.  These are large vehicles, and they’re often used for profit, so the risks involved are different, and a special type of cover is required

That will depend on several things, including your mileage, your driving history, where you live, and how your vehicle is used

Yes, that’s an easy option to add on

Yes.  Providing you have the proper paperwork to prove that your minibus is used for charitable purposes, you will be able to get a discounted type of charity minibus insurance

Yes, subject to acceptance by the insurer

Cover is available for minibuses with 6-17 seats, though you can also insure a coach or people carrier

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Need a Minibus Insurance quote?

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* Policy information is correct at the time of writing. Policy details, limits, and exclusions are subject to insurer’ changes. When taking out a policy, your local Coversure office will be able to advise you of the specifics of your cover.

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