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What Insurance Does A Window Cleaner Need?

We’ve previously covered topics on what can happen if you don’t have cleaning insurance and cleaning insurance for large corporations, but what if you’re a window cleaner who faces plenty of different risks? Often working at height, on machinery and for large businesses, your job differs vastly from a domestic cleaner and therefore your insurance cover will differ too. In this blog we’ll explain what cover you need, though if you have any questions then please contact Coversure Rugby today on 01788 878 044 or head here for our full contact details

Types of Insurance Do You May Need As A Window Cleaner

Cleaning windows can be a dangerous and challenging job, placing you in several situations that could cause injury to you, your colleagues or members of the public. Therefore you’re going to want to gain cleaning insurance that accurately covers you against the threats to you on a daily basis. Below we’ll highlight the main covers you should consider.

Public Liability

Arguably the protection that is going to be most crucial to protecting you, public liability will cover several of the risks you’ll face day in, day out. Public liability cover protects members of the public from any injury or illness they gain as part of your or your business’ actions. When you’re working high up on scaffolding or a platform there’s a likelihood you could injure members of the public through falling items. If this does happen, you’ll have peace of mind as public liability cover can protect you against the affiliated costs.

Also, if you use certain chemicals to clean the windows that could cause illness or irritation to members of the public and they bring claims against you, public liability has got you covered. So as a window cleaner, with jobs often including external cleaning that could involve members of the public becoming affected by your work you’ll definitely want public liability cover.

Especially when working on or around the property of the business, you’ll want public liability so that if you happen to break a computer whilst cleaning then you’ll be covered from the costs against you.

Employers’ Liability

Do you have any employees? Regardless of whether they’re temporary, contracted or part-time you’ll be legally required to have employers’ liability insurance. This will protect you against the legal costs associated with claims brought against you by employees if they get injured or ill. As a legal requirement, you’ll need this cover so why not include it as part of your cleaning insurance package and potentially gain a lower premium? We’ll explain a bit more about this later in the blog.

Tools Cover

When you’re working on windows, whether inside the building or outside, you’ll likely have several key tools that assist you in your cleaning activities. From a trusty bucket to more advanced window cleaning technology, you’ll want to protect these items to ensure you’re left not out of pocket if something breaks or is stolen. Especially in the cleaning industry where your tools will make a vast difference to the speed and quality of your work.

Goods In Transit Cover

If you’re moving machinery and window cleaning tools from customer to customer, you’ll likely want goods in transit cover. This will protect you and your vehicle whilst transporting your tools from location to location, something that standard vehicle insurance may not cover. So, to ensure your tools are safe when on the road include goods in transit cover in your cleaning insurance policy.

Save On Your Cleaning Insurance

So, now you know what policies you should look to include in your cleaning insurance, how can you save on the cost of cover? Well, by including all your individual pieces of cover under one cleaning insurance policy you may save time and money.

By having all your covers under one policy, you can become a more attractive prospect to an insurer and you therefore often benefit from a lower premium. You’re also able to gain back the time and effort it takes to manage and renew your various insurance covers throughout the year. Instead you have one single renewal date of one policy to look after, so you can focus on procuring business and satisfying customers.

Contact Coversure Rugby Today

We hope the above has assisted you with what insurance cover you need for your window cleaning business. Got any questions or want a quotation for your cleaning insurance? Contact Coversure Rugby today. You can call us on 01788 878 044 or head here for our full contact details

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