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What Insurance Do Florists Need?

The life of a florist can be hectic, between getting flowers ready for special occasions, managing deliveries and growing your business, finding time to get the business insurance quotes you need can be tough.

That’s why we’ve put together this handy blog to explain what cover you need as a florist and help you get the range of protections you need. And as we are the approved insurance partner of florist network Florismart, you can rest assured that we know our tulips from our petunias.

Florist Insurance: What Is It?

Florists need an array of insurance covers, from several types of liability cover to the likes of stock and business interruption insurance, you’ll want to protect yourself against the variety of risks a florist can face. At Coversure Poole we can provide an insurance policy that not only protects what your business needs now, but ones that can also adapt as your business blooms to cover what you may need in the future.

At the core of your florist business, regardless of whether you have a high-street location, work from home or trade on markets, will be several liability insurance policies and stock cover. Most florists will need the likes of:

    • Public liability insurance – if a member of the public is injured, made ill or their property is damaged as a result of your business’ premises or actions then public liability cover can protect you. This useful cover will assist you with compensation costs if a claim is brought against you by a member of the public.
    • Product liability insurance – though unlikely, if you are sued for your products causing injury or illness then product liability would be there to protect you. Assisting with compensation for these claims, product liability insurance can offer you peace of mind.
    • Employers’ liability insurance – if you have employees of any kind, including temporary or part-time staff, then it’s a legal requirement for you to have employers’ liability insurance. This will assist you with costs for claims made from any employees you have if they fall ill or get injured due to their working environment.
    • Stock cover – as part of your business you’ll be sure to have an abundance of flowers on your premises. With stock cover you’ll be covered for financial losses should anything lead to the damage or destruction of your stock. With your business relying on your stock, this is an essential cover for florists.
    • Goods in transit cover – do you deliver your flowers yourself? Or have members of staff that do it on your behalf? Unless you’re using an external delivery company, you’ll want goods in transit insurance. This’ll mean that whilst you’re out on the road that your flowers and contents of the delivery van are protected.

What Cover Does A High-Street Florist Need?

As well as the liability and stock cover mentioned above, you’ll also want a variety of other covers to protect your High Street location or serviced office if people visit your business. These could include the likes of:

    • Buildings cover – if you own the building in which you operate, you’ll want to make sure that you have accurate buildings cover in place. This will insure you if your building happens to be damaged or destroyed by disasters such as fire or floods. If you rent your building, this responsibility lies with your landlord so it’d be worthwhile checking that they have an accurate and comprehensive policy.
    • Contents cover – your stock cover won’t protect the likes of your tills, computers or other items you need to run your business on a day-to-day basis. Contents cover can assist you, ensuring that if you are burgled or your building is destroyed that you’ll be able to be compensated accurately.
    • Money cover – however contents often won’t cover your money stock, as this can fluctuate wildly on a daily basis so can be hard to gauge. Gaining money cover will ensure that if you were burgled or your money was destroyed in a fire that you’d be able to regain it.

What Cover Does A Homeworking Florist Need?

Businesses that operate from their homes may not realise that they need specialist insurance cover to protect their business and their property. In fact, having a business operating from home without making the insurance company aware of it could invalidate your home insurance policy and leave you with large bills.

Homeworkers’ insurance can provide you with affordable and comprehensive protection for your home-based business, whilst offering more protection than your home insurance policy. In fact, homeworkers’ insurance can often contain a number of the other policies we’ve mentioned to leave you with one easy to manage policy.

Want To Know More?

If you want to know more about the comprehensive florist insurance policies that we are able to offer then please get in touch. You can call Coversure Poole on 01202 147470email by clicking here or click here for our full contact details.

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