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Product Liability

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Product Liability

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What Is Product Liability Insurance?

Product liability insurance protects businesses that use, design, manufacture, or recommend physical products. If your company does, and someone is injured by it or has their property damaged, you can be held liable and face compensation claims. Product liability cover through Coversure can insure you against risks such as:
  • You have recommended a product that has caused injury or damage
  • You have sold a faulty product with your business’s name on it
  • Your business has produced a defective product that injures someone or damages their property
  • Your company has a repaired, refurbished, or changed a product that goes wrong and causes injury or damage

How Much Cover Do You Need?

The level of protection you will need will depend on several factors, such as:

  • The size of any potential claims
  • The type of products you create, build, sell, use, repair, or recommend

Most insurers will offer protection of up to £10m plus legal cost cover of up to £100,000.  An excellent way to find out what you need is to contact your local Coversure office, and they can build a policy around your needs.

Who Does Product Liability Insurance Cover?

Product liability insurance protects you against the cost of compensation for:

  • Personal injuries caused by a faulty product you have designed, produced, sold, repaired, or recommended
  • Loss of or damage caused by a defective product you have created, built, sold, repaired, or recommended
  • Unforeseen circumstances such as product faults that your quality control system could not identify

Who needs Product Liability Insurance?

Given how many businesses use, recommend, make, repair, or sell products, many companies can benefit from having protection in place, including:

The list goes on.  If you’d like some product insurance advice, please get in touch with your local Coversure office.  They’ll be happy to give you the help you need to keep you and your business protected.

How much does Product Liability Insurance cost

That will depend on several factors. These include:

  • The types of products you’re involved with,
  • The type and size of clients you have
  • Your claims history

The best way to find out how much protection you need is to contact your local Coversure. They’ll be able to advise you as to what you need and create a package of Product Liability cover for you.

Product Liability Insurance FAQ

Product liability insurance can be a complex cover area, so to help you get the protection you need, here are Coversure’s product liability frequently asked questions.  We hope they will be of use, but if you’d like some personalised independent advice, contact your local Coversure office.

If your business creates, builds, sells, repairs, uses, or recommends products as part of its operations, then you’d be wise to take a policy out

No, but given its level of protection, it’s well worth considering

That will depend on several factors.  These include the types of products you’re involved with,  the type and size of clients you have, and your claims history

Yes, common ones include:

  • Faulty products resulting from bad workmanship
  • Financial losses to a business or person caused by your faulty product

This could potentially be attributed to any business within the supply chain of the product in question.  Who is at fault is likely to be decided legally, so it’s worth each company in the supply chain

Getting a quote is easy; contact your local Coversure or start your product liability insurance quote today

Need a Product Liability Insurance quote?

If you’d like a Product Liability Insurance quote from Coversure, please contact your local Coversure office or start your quote here. Our independent brokers will search their markets to find you the right policy at the right price to keep your business protected.

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* Policy information is correct at the time of writing. Policy details, limits, and exclusions are subject to insurer’ changes. When taking out a policy, your local Coversure office will be able to advise you of the specifics of your cover.

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