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What Is Office Insurance?

Office insurance offers specialist protection to people who own or rent offices. Offering several protections in one policy, it can insure you against common risks such as:

This flexible policy can protect many types of workplaces, including home offices and shared working spaces.  If you’d like to know or would like an office insurance quote then please get in touch with your local Coversure office.

What Can Office Insurance Cover?

Office insurance offers a package of protection that allows you to cover multiple risks on a single policy*.

  • Buildings
  • Contents – including your fixtures and fittings
  • Employees’ and visitors’ possessions
  • You against public liability claims
  • You against any losses
  • You being unable to use your office – business interruption insurance
  • Products liability
  • Your reputation through professional indemnity insurance
  • You against employers’ liability claims
  • You against the impact of a successful cyber attack
  • Your stock and office supplies

Tips For Buying Office Insurance cover

Given your office’s many risks, this can be a complicated policy to arrange, and we would always advise getting some independent insurance help before buying.  To help you get started, here are Coversure’s top tips for buying office insurance:

  • Be clear on the details – give your broker as much information as possible on what you do and how you operate. This will allow them to create a policy that offers you everything you need and avoid you having to pay for things you don’t need
  • Talk to your landlord – if you rent your premises, talk to your landlord and see what’s included as part of your rental agreement. You can then remove these from your policy
  • Fixtures and fittings – remember that fixtures and fittings cover only includes items that are permanent, non-movable fixtures, and you may require additional protection for other things such as cabinets, desks, chairs, etc.
  • Contents – this only covers items you own or for which you’re responsible while they’re on your premises
  • Get some independent advice – talk to an independent broker and get the help you need. They can also do the shopping around for you, saving you time and money.

If you’d like to know more or would like an office insurance quote, then please talk to your local Coversure office.

How Much Does Office Insurance Cost?

While we can’t give a definitive answer as we believe in building cover around our client’s needs, the cost of your office cover will depend on factors such as:

  • The size of your business
  • Where your office is located
  • The work you do
  • Whether you have staff
  • Whether your office is open to the public/clients
  • The value of your contents
  • Whether you want to include cyber insurance cover

The best way to find out how much protection you need is to contact your local Coversure. They’ll be able to advise you as to what you need and create a package of Office cover for you.

Office Insurance FAQ

Office insurance is a flexible form of cover that can protect organisations of all sizes from a range of common risks.  To help you get the protection you need, here is a selection of office insurance frequently asked questions:

No, but employees’ liability insurance is a legal requirement if you have employees.

That will depend on factors such as the size of your business, the work you do, and whether you have staff.  If you’d like to know or would like an office insurance quote, then please get in touch with your local Coversure office.

If you have clients or other members of the public visiting your office, then you’d be wise to have this in place.

If you advise your clients as part of your business dealings, this would be another sensible element to add to your policy.  You can read more about professional indemnity insurance here.

Employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement if you employ people.  It provides cover in the event of your employee injuring themselves or if their property is damaged while at work.  The law says that if you employ at least one person, you must have employers’ liability insurance (sometimes called ‘E.L. insurance’) to protect your employees in case they are injured or become ill as a result of working for you.  Your policy must:

    • Cover you for at least £5 million
    • Be with an authorised insurer
    • And employers must provide a safe working environment

If you run your business from home, your home insurance may not cover equipment, such as computers or stock.  It won’t offer cover should a customer or colleague have an accident in your home.  If you work from home, it’s important to tell your home insurance provider, and you’ll need to check your home insurance cover levels to ensure working from home doesn’t invalidate your policy.

Cyber-attacks have become a big problem for businesses in the U.K.  CSO has reported there were around 65,000 attacks on U.K. SMEs each day in 2021.  With potentially hefty fines for loss of data, damage to your business’s reputation, possible client action, and business interruption costs, having cyber insurance as part of your office insurance makes sense.

Need a Office Insurance quote?

If you’d like a Office Insurance quote from Coversure, please contact your local Coversure office or start your quote here. Our independent brokers will search their markets to find you the right policy at the right price to keep your business protected.

Professional Indemnity

Public Liability

* Policy information is correct at the time of writing. Policy details, limits, and exclusions are subject to insurer’ changes. When taking out a policy, your local Coversure office will be able to advise you of the specifics of your cover.

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