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What Insurance Do Security Companies Need?

If you say you work in the security industry, insurance companies or brokers may not necessarily know where to place your risk. You could be a “door supervisor”:“https://www.coversure.co.uk/insurance/security “ to a dog handler”:https://www.coversure.co.uk/insurance/security or someone that works in information security, all of which are very different jobs and which face different risks. Why then would your insurance be a simple one-size-fits-all policy? In this blog we’ll explore what risks and cover you’ll need for different security industry roles, though if you have any questions or want a quotation then call us on 01788 878 044 or head here for Coversure Rugby’s full contact details

What Insurance Does A Dog Handler Need?

With a rise in dog-handlers across the country, dog handler insurance is now more in-demand than ever. With many risks that you could be liable for, your insurance could be the difference between you remaining in a role or being drastically out of pocket and unemployed. We’ve created an in-depth blog on dog handler insurance here, but below we highlight the core products you’ll require in your insurance.

Thankfully, there’s cover available for dog handlers which can protect you against your day-to-day dangers. We would recommend your dog handler policy is made up of:

  • Public Liability insurance – the most important part of your insurance policy, liability can cover a wealth of different risks that will affect you. You may want multiple kinds of liability cover, though public is the one likely to cater to your needs. Public liability protects you against the costs of claims made by the public, so if your dog was to injure somebody and they sued you public liability would protect you.
  • Professional indemnity insurance – if your services mean your client loses out financially, professional indemnity cover will protect you if they bring claims against you.
  • Efficacy and contractual liability insurance – if a client refuses to pay for your services, this handy piece of cover will protect your income so you’re not left out of pocket
  • Personal accident – this is another useful for working in a dangerous environment, as may be the case. Personal accident cover can protect you against loss of income and medical bills if you become seriously injured due to an accident.

We hope this has assisted you, though we’d recommend speaking to an insurance broker to get a tailored dog handler insurance policy. You can call Coversure Rugby on 01788 878 044

What Insurance Does A Door Supervisor Need?

As a door supervisor you have different responsibilities and your nights or days could take a turn at any moment. With this in mind, you’ll want slightly different cover to ensure your finances aren’t hampered. For a door supervisor your policy should include:

  • Public Liability – a crucial cover to all security policies, public liability will protect you if you happen to injure someone through your line of work. When you’re working the doors, this cover could be crucial to preventing you from being out of pocket.
  • Loss of Keys – as a door supervisor, you’ll likely be trusted with keys. Loss of key cover does what it says on the tin and protects you against the financial implications that losing keys would create. You’ll be covered against the cost of new keys being made or claims brought against you if the keys are used for a burglary.
  • Professional Indemnity – if your actions mean the business you’re guarding loses money, professional indemnity cover will protect you against claims brought against you.
  • Wrongful Arrest – in the drama of your job it can be hard to keep track of the real troublemaker. Wrongful arrest cover protects you if the person you arrest takes legal action.

What Insurance Does An Information Security Company Need?

An information security company is a very different offering than a physical security company, with the danger being more from threats and hacks than physical violence. With that in mind, your insurance offering will want to reflect that and should include:

  • Cyber cover – the most important cover for an informational security company. Cyber cover will protect you against most modern-day threats to your business. Whether it’s cover against ransomware, assistance with data recovery costs, business interruption cover or legal protection, a cyber policy can protect your information security company from a world of risks.
  • Employers’ liability – as a company with employees, it is a legal requirement to have employers’ liability cover. This policy protects you against claims for injury or illness from your employees, ensuring you provide them with a safe working environment.
  • Public liability – for an information company, public liability will protect you if your businesses actions or physical property (such as your building) injures or makes a member of the public ill. Though this is less important than for a physical security company, this is essential cover to most businesses across the country.

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We hope the above has assisted you with understanding what insurance your security company needs. Still have a question? Get in touch with the team at Coversure Rugby today. You can call us on 01788 878 044 or contact Coversure Rugby today .

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