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Coversure Castle Donington: An Exciting Year Ahead

2024 is going to be an exciting year for Coversure Castle Donington. When I opened my own office in 2018, I knew it was the right thing to do. Having been an insurance broker for nearly 20 years, I was confident I had the knowledge to make a success of my own brokerage – especially as I was planning to focus on fleet insurance and truck insurance, two sectors I knew extremely well. What I didn’t expect was how quickly the business was to grow and what amazing opportunities lay before me.

Now, six years later, the business employs five staff looking after the insurance needs of hundreds of satisfied clients. I say satisfied, but given we have a 5-star feefo rating and are in line for a Gold Award Trusted Service Award next year, perhaps extremely satisfied would be a better description?

Proud as I am of what the team have achieved to date, it’s nothing in comparison to what is to come. 2024 looks set to be our most exciting year yet, a year that will be transformative for Coversure Castle Donington. Let me tell you why…

New Starters  

Insurance broking is a service business first and foremost, and the quality of that service is largely dependent on the quality of the people providing it. Yes, being independent and having access to a wide range of quality insurance partners is key, but for me, it’s the people that matter. That’s why I’m so excited about Darren Davis joining us as a Sales Associate – see picture above. Darren has over twenty years of experience in the insurance and hospitality industries and is a great addition to the team.

New Offerings

Having a background in retail and licensed premises, Darren is going to enable Coversure Castle Donington to offer our services in a whole new range of markets. Mark Twain said, ‘Write what you know’, and it’s always struck me as wise advice for insurance brokers as well as book writers. To offer clients the very best insurance service, you need to have a good understanding of their business as well as the policies that are available to them. It’s a philosophy that’s served us well – just ask one of our haulage, fleet or truck insurance clients.

Darren’s deep knowledge of retail, property, and hospitality sectors means we can open up our offering into the following sectors:

o   Shops

o   Takeaways

o   Salons

o   Pubs

o   Wine bars

o   Restaurants

o   Landlord insurance

o   Clubs

The opportunities are almost limitless and really exciting. To support Darren – he’s going to need it! – we’ll be looking to grow the team further in the coming months, so watch this space…

A New Truck Insurance Service

As a business we’re probably best known for our haulage, logistics and truck insurance offering. This has been at the heart of our operation since we started and will remain our core business. To grow it and to offer our existing clients an even better service, for the past year, I’ve been beavering away on a new brand, one that looks set to revolutionise the way that truck and HGV truck fleets get their truck insurance quotes.  While I don’t want to give the game away, what I can say is that in the coming weeks, we’ll be launching a new digital service that will:

  • Offer truck insurance quotes faster
  • Require minimal form-filling
  • Cover single truck and truck fleet insurance quotes
  • Be backed by a 5-star feefo-rated brokerage

I’m convinced this new service will revolutionise the way hauliers, logistics firms, and other truck and HGV owners get their insurance quotes.

Like To Know More?

As you can see, 2024 is going to be quite a year for Coversure Castle Donington. If you’d like to know more about our exciting plans or how our expanding range of services can help you, then please get in touch. You can call us on 01332 320540 or email Coversure Castle Donington.

I’ll update you on how things are going soon.

Happy 2024!


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