Our Top Tips To Securing Your Business

Our Top Tips To Securing Your Business

As we approach the peak of summer, businesses can go through periods of fluctuation. Those that work in a B2B world may struggle, with clients on holiday and making the most of the sun. On the other hand, B2C businesses may see a rise in income thanks to people making the most of the sun and spending their saved cash on new treats for them or the family. One thing is for sure, you don’t want your business to be targeted by burglars or hackers. In this blog we’ll explore our top tips to securing your business to avoid these attacks and keep your business safe.

Identify Your Potential Weaknesses

You can’t improve on your security if you can’t understand where you could potentially be breached, so our first tip would be to take a long, hard look at your existing security measures. From staff protocol to the physical security of the building, CCTV to cyber security, don’t leave a single stone unturned when looking at your current offering.

If you’ve suffered from a crime in the past, what was the cause? What’s been done to prevent future repeated incidents? Get all this information together and you’ll have a much clearer picture of where you need to focus your attention.

Invest In Your Building Security

This is an area that you have a wide range of options on thankfully, from low-cost options to big commitments that can provide peace of mind. Below we highlight some of your options:

  • CCTV Cameras – previously reserved for only larger businesses, CCTV cameras are now cost-effective and businesses can protect themselves for a reasonable fee. Not only will this assist as a visual deterrent to potential thieves, it’ll also help provide evidence in getting burglars caught by the authorities. Better yet, it can actually help with reducing the cost of your insurance premium, returning part of the investment in the technology
  • Security Shutters – you’re more likely to be targeted when your business is closed, as there’s less chance of the burglar being caught by members of staff. So, how can you combat this? Security shutters over potential points of entry, such as windows and doors, can add an extra layer of difficulty to burglars and can be enough to deter them from targeting you. Again, this can reduce your insurance premium and repay some of your investment cost
  • Use a Safe – if someone does manage to break into your business, you’ll want to ensure they aren’t able to simply take away the most expensive possessions of your business. This is where a safe can come in, lock up your valuables and if you do happen to be targeted you can rest assured that your valuables are safe
  • Hire Security Guards – though a costly option, this will allow your business to be patrolled at night and put off burglars. Dependent on the size of your business, this may not be necessary but it could be the perfect solution to your security issues. Though to guarantee they remain safe whilst they work, they should have the correct insurance cover. Get your guards to get in touch with us and we’ll be more than happy to help. Call us on 01788 878044 or click here for our full contact details

Invest In Your Digital Security

As well as your physical premises you now need to invest in protecting the digital health of your business. Cyber-attacks are on the rise and the effects on small-businesses can be fatal. Nowadays, digital security needs to be a core part of your security policy. Out top tips to protect your business are:

  • Invest In Your IT Security – there are several avenues to take with this one, from improving your firewall to investing in anti-virus software. By having up-to-date security measures, such as cloud storage and backups of data, if a cyber-attack does happen you can limit the impacts and prevent it being the end of your business
  • Train Your Staff – the main cause behind cyber-attacks are down to staff’s errors meaning that your systems can be infiltrated. From neglecting to update their computer, to personally providing hackers information, staff are often the cause of cyber problems. Training them effectively can help you to avoid a world of pain in the future
  • Get A Cyber Insurance Policy – if anything is to happen, you’ll want a cyber insurance policy to protect you from the cost and time spent on getting your business back up and running. Coversure Rugby can help with this, so give us a call on 01788 878044 or click here for our full contact details

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Whether you work to secure a business or at a business yourself, Coversure Rugby have a range of insurance policies available to protect you. From security insurance to business insurance, cleaning to marine; we can help you get the cover you need. Give us a call on 01788 878044 or click here for our full contact details

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