Cleaning Without Insurance: What Can Go Wrong?

Cleaning Without Insurance: What Can Go Wrong?

If you’re new to the world of cleaning or even an experienced cleaner, you may not realise how much a comprehensive cleaning insurance policy can protect you from the worst. Whether it’s claims against you for theft or damages, you’ll be happy you had cleaning insurance if the worst happens. In this blog we’ll explore the various risks and how cleaning insurance cover can combat them. If there’s any questions or you’re after a cleaning insurance quote, then get in touch with Coversure Rugby on 01788 878 044 or head here for our full contact details

Damage To The Building

If you’re cleaning walls or floors and happen to use the wrong chemicals or tools, you could cause damage to the building you’re working on. Whether that’s something as minor as removing a small part of paint from the wall, or causing structural damage that would require serious costs to rebuild. With cleaning liability insurance, you’ll be covered for the costs of damages caused by your actions. When this could save you thousands of pounds in legal costs and rebuild or repair costs, this vital policy could be there when you need it most.

Damage To The Contents of The Business

Of course, it’s not just the building that you could damage in your day-to-day job. If you’re cleaning an office you may encounter hundreds of computers, amongst other technology such as televisions, servers and phones. Ultimately, this technology won’t be cheap to replace and if your actions mean a computer gets broken, not only could the physical computer need replacing but the data could be lost which you wouldn’t be able to put a price on. To ensure you’re covered against the costs of damaging the contents of a business, you’ll need a comprehensive cleaning liability policy.

Injury Caused To The Business’ Employees

Then you have threats that can injure or cause illness amongst the employees of the business. Say if you mop a floor and fail to put out a wet floor sign, you could be held liable if an employee of the business slips and injures themselves. Alternatively, if the chemicals you have used during your cleaning causes an employee of the business to become ill. For both of these risks and other injuries or illnesses caused by your actions, you’ll want cleaning liability cover to protect you from being financially liable.

Injury or Illness Caused To Your Employees

If you’re a cleaning business with employees, then employers’ liability cover will be a legal requirement for you anyway. This piece of cover will protect you against the legal costs if your business’ environment or the actions of your business mean your employees get ill or injured. Though you’re legally required to have this cover, by including it inside a wider cleaning liability insurance policy you can save on your overall premium. Want to know more? Contact Coversure Rugby by calling 01788 878 044 or head here for our full contact details

Theft of Business’ Contents

If your employees are found to be guilty of theft from the business you’re cleaning, a cleaning liability policy will be there to assist with legal costs. When you’re completing large scale cleaning jobs and you’re unable to keep an eye on your staff due to the scale, this cover could be vital in keeping your business’ reputation afloat.

Loss of Keys

If you lose the keys to a business or they are stolen from you, you could be held financially responsible for the creation of new keys. Worse, you could be liable if the keys are then used to steal from the business, potentially leaving you with a huge bill to foot and damaging your reputation beyond repair. Loss of keys cover protects you against the cost to cut more keys to replace what you’ve lost, as well as financial protection against thefts caused by this. Essential cover if the business you clean entrusts you with a set of keys.

Damage or Theft of Your Cleaning Equipment

If your cleaning equipment is damaged or stolen, you’ll want tools cover to ensure you don’t have to foot the bill to replace or repair. Providing protection against theft and damage caused via your day-to-day job, this will provide peace of mind so you can continue to clean.

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We hope the above has explained what risks you face as a modern day cleaner and how cleaning liability insurance can be there when you need it most. Want to know more? Get in touch with Coversure Rugby today, you can call us on 0188 878 044 or head here for our full contact details

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