Top Tips To Protect Your Property In Winter

Top Tips To Protect Your Property In Winter

As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, your home becomes more at risk to certain threats. Cold temperatures, increased rain and snowfall, falling branches and overworked systems can lead to a wealth of problems within the home, potentially hitting your wallet when you need it most. We’ve put together our top tips to protect your property this winter, to keep your bricks and mortar from causing you pain.

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Check Pipes

One of the biggest threats to your property in winter is damage being caused to the pipes that run both outside and inside your house. Firstly, you should check these pipes for any cracks or holes, this could lead to water pouring inside your house and damaging electronics, structures and more. These should be fairly obvious and visible, though if you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself then feel free to get a professional in to do this for you.

Another problem for pipes in the winter is the risk of them freezing. With the adverse conditions, if your pipes aren’t properly insulated, the water inside can freeze and cause the pipes to swell and potentially burst. Pipe insulation or lagging can simply cover your pipes to help keep their temperature above freezing and can be easily completed by yourself. It’s stocked in most home improvement stores, so ensure this is done before the cold weather hits you.

Get Your Boiler Serviced

Boilers are worked harder in the winter months, required to power your heating and keep your shower warm to wake you up in the morning. A report from uSwitch showed that more than 20% of homes experience problems with heating systems in the colder months. When your boiler is needed most, a break can leave you shivering in your own home.

Thankfully, the likelihood of your boiler breaking can be substantially reduced with a routine service. Though this will cost you money, it will certainly save in the long term. The same uSwitch report showed the average cost of repairing a boiler is £314, far more than a standard boiler service. Try to have your boiler serviced just before it will be in regular use, as it will have had sporadic activity compared to what is to come.

Check Your Roof

Your roof is your main protection against snow and rain, if there’s problems with your roof the damage to your house can be astronomical. Ensure to check for cracked, loose or even missing tiles, as these could be responsible for a leaky roof.

Again, though you can check yourself, for ultimate piece of mind we’d recommend getting a professional to check and replace or fix any problematic tiles on your roof. A leaky roof can cause flood damage which may take you some time to notice, as it will affect less checked areas like the loft before it reaches areas like bedrooms and bathrooms.

Clean Your Gutters

Over the autumn months, leaves and branches falling can clog up your gutters and leave you with drainage issues and blockages around your system. This can then damage pipes and gutters, leading to costly water damage to vast areas of your property.

This is easily avoidable, simply clean your gutters on a regular basis. All you’ll need is a ladder and gloves, remove excess items from your guttering and check regularly throughout the winter to ensure they remain clear.

Review Your Insurance Policy

Of course, if you’re unable to prevent an accident or damage occurring during the winter months you’ll want to make sure you’re not left out of pocket. Speak to your insurance broker and find out what your policy covers, particularly in the home emergency section. It’s best to do this before the winter months, as you’d rather know beforehand.

Speak To Coversure Sudbury

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