Legal Insurance Requirements for Jam Makers – Are You Properly Covered?

Legal Insurance Requirements for Jam Makers – Are You Properly Covered?

It is important to understand that many insurance policies that we recommend are not actually “legal requirements” but are there to ensure you and your business are well protected. The exception to this is Motor Insurance and Employers’ Liability Insurance.

If you use your vehicle for anything to do with your business and have not notified your Car Insurers, your insurance policy may be invalid. We recommend you have Class 1 Business Use which will cover you as the proposer for things like travelling to events and collecting stock. If you’re caught driving a vehicle you’re not insured to drive, the police will hand out a minimum of a £300 fine and 6 points on your driving licence.

Under the Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969, it is required by law to insure any employee against liability for injury or disease. You will require Employers’ Liability Insurance at minimum indemnity limit of £5,000,000.

On the contrary to what many people believe, public liability insurance is not compulsory by law, however is strongly recommended to protect business owners from significant compensation costs and to satisfy contractual requirements.

It’s up to you to decide whether your business needs public liability insurance, although it’s worth thinking about whether you could afford to meet the cost of a compensation claim if your business was sued and you didn’t have cover.

It is worth pointing out that not all policies are built the same! Many artisans will arrange Public Liability Insurance online just to satisfy the requirements of an event’s organiser, assuming that this will cover them should the worst happen. But did you know that Public Liability Insurance alone will not cover you for any claim relating to the produce that you’re actually selling? This means that should a customer take legal action against you for say food poisoning, you could be liable to pay a hefty legal bill.

Our approved scheme includes:

  • £10 Million Employer’s Liability (Optional)
  • £5 Million Public Liability
  • £5 Million Products Liability (Inc. Food Poisoning)
  • £5m Pollution and Contamination (Increasing to £10 Million where required by contract or regulation)

We understand that every business is unique so unlike many insurers, our policy covers a very broad range of business activities so just let us know what you planning on doing and I’m sure we can accommodate!

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