Why Should You Use Coversure Southend?

Why Should You Use Coversure Southend?

The world of insurance needn’t be a complicated one. With so many covers available, it’s easy to use online comparisons and get cover that might not be necessarily fit for use. This is where insurance brokers come in, providing high-quality and tailored policies for competitive premiums. Below we’ll explain the range of benefits using a broker has and, in particular, why you should use us, Coversure Southend, for your insurance cover. Want to speak to the team, you can call us on 01702 749077 or click here for our full contact details.

Why Should You Use A Broker?

These days you can just go online, tap in your details, cut out the middleman, do all the work yourself and get a price all at a few clicks of a button all from your front room, but what happens if you need to call your insurer to change basic details or adjust your policy?

Or, the big one, when things go wrong? Many of my clients have experienced long call waiting times from previous companies and irritating phone systems such as having to press 1 then 2 then 1 then back to the main menu and so on. You can also get insurer terms that you didn’t quite understand but seemed OK at the time. However the cover you purchased online doesn’t quite seem so money saving in the event of a claim.

If you are a local business, we can come to you as our agreed schemes cover all the SS postcodes. This way of doing things always impresses the insurers as we have the ability to co-underwrite the risk and understand your situation. If we can provide pictures, give a personal overview, show the insurers what they are looking to underwrite, I’m my experience, this goes a long way.

Why Do You Need Insurance?

Certain covers are compulsory, such as car insurance which is required by law. If you employ staff, again, you have a legal obligation to make sure you have employers’ liability for protection should an unfortunate incident occur.

You don’t need to insure the contents in your home, this is optional, but what would you do if there was a fire, flood or a burglary happened? Can you really afford to take the risk? At Coversure, we will take the time to explain the risks, the old school way, plain & simple and provide cover for an affordable, market rate.

Insurance is all about reducing the damage to you or your bank account if something goes wrong. So if there’s anything you care about, such as your business, home or vehicles, you’re best to get them insured and have total peace of mind in your day-to-day life.

Who Are We?

I’m Natalie, I run and own the Southend branch along with my husband Lee. Together we have a combined professional experience of over 35 years in the trade. We class ourselves as experts within the field that is insurance. We do all the hard work so you don’t have to! We will sit down, have a cuppa or take the time on the phone to explain the complex hidden terms that we understand through our elite experience within the industry.

We take it all back to the old school way of things. We get to understand what you are looking to achieve if something goes wrong.

You don’t need to know the complex, intricate jargon that is insurance any more than I need to know the complexities of what a dentist does! That’s why we decided to set up our own brokerage, to provide a local service that’s needed. Communicating in plain English so you can understand and gain a policy that truly reflects your needs.

We have a shop front office in Leigh on Sea, which you are always welcome to visit. We’ll happily discuss your needs with you and regardless of whether it’s business or personal, we know what you should have.

With access to over 300 schemes from AVIVA to Lloyds of London markets, agreed rates and broker schemes that you can’t access. We provide a local service with local discounts yet with national insurer relationships. We pride ourselves on continually building our professional relationships with insurers that are established and solid so you can have more options in this competitive market.

Contact Coversure Southend

So if you have an insurance requirement, a query or a renewal, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Coversure Southend today. You can call us on 01702 749077 or click here for our full contact details. We look forward to assisting you.

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