Why Use an Insurance Broker for Security Insurance?

Why Use an Insurance Broker for Security Insurance?

In an industry such as security, where day-to-day life is so unpredictable, you want to be assured that you are covered for many eventualities. However, with so many insurers offering you great rates, and comparison sites often being overwhelming with information, it can be difficult to know what cover you really need. Coversure Rugby are here to provide a solution to your problem. Why not read on to discover why using a local broker offers you many advantages in getting the best cover tailor-made to your needs?

Why Do I Need Insurance?

A career in security can mean that you are exposed to a wide variety of different dangers and threats on a day-to-day basis. Working as a dog handler could mean that your job involves frequent interactions with detecting drugs or explosives, which carries enormous risks. Nightclub bouncers have constant dealings with individuals who are often under the influence, and as such can be more unreasonable and volatile. Often, working in the security industry means you have to think fast in dangerous situations, such as having to remove a dangerous member of the public from a situation. This could lead to legal action, which a security insurance policy could help you with.

Working in security means that there are many different levels of insurance cover to consider, and it can be confusing to know which ones you require. Examples of possible policies you may need to consider include:

  • Public Liability
  • Employers’ Liability
  • Professional Indemnity Cover
  • Efficacy and Contractual Liability Insurance

Nowadays, the most common policies encompass public liability cover and employers’ liability cover, the latter of which is even required by law if you employ anyone. Public liability cover would protect you against claims for injury or damage to property or possessions of a third party that occur in the course of your work. Public liability covers the cost of defending your case, as well as compensation or legal fees you may incur. Employers’ Liability insurance should protect you and your employees from illness or injuries that may occur whilst on your premises.

With so many different levels of cover, and insurers offering a variety of different deals, it can be really difficult to know where to turn to find out which cover is right for you. This is where a broker comes in.

Don’t Know Where to Start?

One of the major advantages of using a broker is their ability to offer advice. The nature of Coversure Rugby means that any advice given to you is independent of any insurance company. At Coversure Rugby they can provide you with expert, unbiased advice – all for free.

Helping with Claims

Coversure Rugby will help guide you through all situations; from tailor-making your initial policy, to offering you friendly advice, they will also be there should you need to make a claim. They will ensure that you receive fair and prompt treatment, which will help you get back to your day job as soon as possible.

Access to Blue-Chip Insurers

Not only saving you money, brokers can save you something even more valuable; time. Coversure Rugby have access to some of the biggest names in insurance; from RSA to AXA to Aviva, they will do the shopping for you. Some insurers do not sell directly to the public, so with a broker you are assured of a choice between top-quality insurers. Coversure Rugby are able to access insurers that specialise in Security Insurance, which ultimately results in policies closer to your needs, and could even be for a lower premium.

Will a Comparison Site Offer Me a Better Deal?

Many people turn to comparison sites to try and find cheap insurance. The policies offered by a comparison site are usually very broad, and won’t offer the tailor-made cover that a broker can. If you are after special or bespoke cover a broker will know where to go. Furthermore, a broker will be able to tell you if you are already covered by your existing insurance policies, and can get you a good deal by comparing prices and product features.

Get in touch today

At Coversure Rugby we offer you a friendly, helpful environment to discuss your insurance needs in. We can search our market to find you the best deals we have, thus saving you valuable time and hopefully money. As we are part of the Coversure family, we can offer you access to some of the biggest names in insurance, offering you high quality policies. This lets you focus on protecting others, whilst we focus on protecting you.

By choosing to get your insurance through Coversure Rugby, you will gain the peace of mind that you are covered for various scenarios and eventualities, and you will be compliant with all the relevant legal requirements.

For your free, no-obligation quote, or just some friendly advice, contact Coversure Rugby today. You can call us on Rugby (01788) 878044, for free on 0800 3081 127 or send us an email by clicking here.

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