Protect Your Belongings Against Flooding

Protect Your Belongings Against Flooding

Flooding is an issue that can’t be ignored, floods can cause a high amount of damage to properties and contents and can cost a large amount to repair and rebuild these areas. With the government spending around £30 million in flood defences across the country over the next four years, and with £1.6 million to be spent in Rotherham it shows how serious flooding is.
If you expect a flood there are a few precautions you can take, while you might not be able to stop all the damage you may be able to save your possessions and reduce the amount of damage your property takes.

In this article we look at some options you may have to protect your possessions against the risk of flood damage. While prevention is better then the cure you can talk to Coversure Rotherham who can help make sure your home insurance has the correct cover to make sure you are protected against floods. To talk to the team at Coversure Rotherham you can call 0800 3081 023 or click here to send an email.

Flood Zones

First thing you need to do is work out if you are in a flood zone, this will help you work out what the chance of you being flooded is. On top of this make sure you sign up for flood warnings, you can sign up for these online and they can let you know when there are warnings for your area. These can be critical and can help you get your property and contents ready for the possible flood, which could save your property from unnecessary damage.

Property Protection

While you can’t stop a flood and you may be unable to stop the damage it can do, you can lower the damage and protect your property and possessions by making some changes to your home.

Flood proofing windows is important, you can now buy flood-proof windows that will help atop water entering your home through any of your windows. You should also replace any air bricks or vents with water proof versions, with the vents commonly being low-down they can let a large amount of water in, so these can be vital to get changed if you are in a flood zone.

Your door can be where most of the water comes into the property, buying a flood-proof door, just like with windows, can help stop a large amount of water entering your property. In some cases you may be unable to get a flood door in place, in this case make sure you purchased floor barriers, these can be placed around your door during floods to help stop the flow of water entering your property.

Of course, you won’t always be able to stop water entering your property, make sure you move as much of your possessions upstairs if possible, especially more expensive items such as televisions and furniture, this could save you having to replace a large amount of your possessions.

Check Your Insurance

Making sure your insurance covers you against flood risks is vital, there would be nothing worse then needing to make a claim and finding out you are not covered. Here at Coversure Rotherham we know the property insurance market, so let’s make sure you have the flood cover you need.

When it comes to protecting your property the two main cover times you need to consider are buildings and contents, both of which can be relied on after a flood. With your buildings you will need to be covered up to the amount it would cost to rebuild or repair the property, so you will be able to rebuild or repair your property if it suffers flood damage.

Contents insurance needs to be able to cover all your belongings in your home, this will help you cover the costs to replace items that are damaged or lost due to flooding. Make sure you give an accurate value of your contents to make sure you avoid underinsurance.

Contact Us Today

We hope you have found our article to be of an assistance, here at Coversure Rotherham we care about our customers and we want you to be protected.

If you would like us to make sure you are protected against flood risks or if you would like to discuss flood cover for your property, feel free to call our helpful insurance professionals on 0800 3081 023 or click here to send us an email.

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