Fleet Insurance For Couriers And Van Owners

Fleet Insurance For Couriers And Van Owners

As the courier market continues to grow, more and more couriers and van owners are finding themselves with more vehicles in need of courier insurance or van insurance. Many of them simply insure these vehicles individually, adding a new policy each time they add a new van. This is a shame as it means that they are missing out on the cost, time and administration savings that courier and van fleet insurance can bring. To help you avoid missing out on the significant savings that this type of policy can bring your business, here is our guide to ths type of cover – one that could help your business save money and time.

Courier And Van Fleet Insurance: Who Can Get Cover?

The name ‘fleet insurance’ brings to mind huge numbers of vans, of big courier companies such as UPS or FedEx who have hundreds of vehicles in need of insuring. The reality, however, is that if your business has 2 vehicles or more – be they vans, trucks, cars, motorbikes or a mixture of all four – then you can qualify for the many benefits that courier fleet insurance can bring.

Fleet Insurance For Couriers: What Are The Advantages?

There are a range of benefits associated with fleet cover, the most significant of which are:

  • Lower cost per vehicle premiums – in the highly-competitive world that is the delivery business, couriers and van owners need to save money where they can and taking out a fleet policy can help you do just that. Having 2 or more vehicles in need of cover makes you an attractive proposition to insurers, and if you use an experienced fleet insurance broker such as us Coversure Redditch, we can find you a great deal on your cover that will save you a great deal on your cover
  • Introductory discounts – at Coversure Redditch we can offer discounts of up to 65%
  • Time – as a courier the one thing you’ll never have enough of is time – particularly time for administrative tasks. Having a fleet policy in place means you’ll only have one policy to administer and one renewal date to worry about. And as your delivery business grows and you need to put more vans on the road, a fleet policy will save you the hassle of having to take out a new policy as you can simply add or remove vehicles without having to start a new policy
  • Easier to cover all drivers – getting cover for some couriers – especially those drivers under the age of 25 – can be tricky. With a fleet policy, you can opt for an any driver policy that will cover younger drivers, those with a poor claims records and older drivers all on one policy. This gives you great flexibility and with an any driver policy you can allow any of your drivers to drive any of your vehicles

What Should You Look For In A Courier Fleet Policy?

As with any motor policy, the devil is in the detail and a courier fleet cover is no exception to this. To a great extent you get what you pay for. If you’re looking for a basic policy, one that covers you for the cost of a claim made against you but not for your van repair, then third-party cover is for you. If, however, you want to be covered for repairs, theft, fire or injury, then a fully comprehensive policy would be the one you should look to cover your fleet of vehicles with. The best way to decide which level of cover is right for you is to get some specialist courier feet insurance advice.

Van Fleet Extras

Depending on the policy you choose there are some extras that can be worth looking into. Popular fleet extras include:

  • Breakdown cover – your vehicle is your business not just your means of transport, so getting back on the road as quickly as possible makes a lot of sense
  • Legal expenses insurance – in the event of an accident, a claim for compensation may well follow – such is the compensation culture in which we now live. Having legal expenses cover as part of your courier or van fleet insurance can, therefore, be a small, yet wise investment
  • Liability cover – there are two types of liability cover and both are important for van and courier drivers. The first is public liability insurance – which will protect you should you injure someone or damage their property in the course of your work. The second is employers’ liability insurance which is a legal requirement if you employ staff – either full-time or part-time – and will protect you and them from any legal action arising as a result of them being injured at work
  • Goods in transit insurance – this will insure the goods you are carrying – be they your own or a customer’s. This is widely viewed as essential for all van and courier drivers, simply because the costs involved of replacing goods in transit can be prohibitive. At Coversure Redditch we frequently offer free goods in transit insurance with courier insurance, so to find out more contact us today.
  • Windscreen cover – given the number of miles you will cover; a broken windscreen is a likely occurrence. Windscreen cover will not only insure you can avoid a hefty bill but will also mean you can get back on the road quicker as many policies will give you roadside windscreen repair options.

Like Some Van or Courier Fleet Insurance Help?

Fleet insurance for your fleet of vans or your courier business can make an awful lot of financial sense; saving you both money and time. So, if you would like to know more about saving money on your van or courier insurance or would like some help getting the cover that’s right for you, then please contact us. You can call us free on Redditch (01527) 757 585, email us by clicking here or get a courier insurance quote here.

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