Keeping Your Home Secure At Christmas

Keeping Your Home Secure At Christmas

It’s getting to that time of the year when our homes are filling up with gifts and presents, the Christmas lights are going on, we’re out at that Christmas party or visiting family.

On average we spend around £400 on gifts, buying presents for just under 10 people each.

Londoners are a little more cautious when it comes to spending money on others. Not only does the capital also spend almost £100 less than the national average on presents, they also tend to pamper themselves more.

With all those presents under the tree and you out and about, what can you do to make sure those gifts are still there when you get back?

Putting off your would-be thief is by far the most effective way of crime prevention. Here are a few handy hints to make sure you don’t get targeted this Christmas:

  • Motion sensor flood lights – would be burglars are not ones for spot lights and really don’t like the attention these bring
  • Video doorbells – thieves will often ring to see if anyone’s home and soon scarper once they know they’re being watched
  • Warning signs – there’s a lot to be said for a “beware of the dog” sign on your side gate or front door
  • Christmas lights – maybe don’t feed extension cables out of an open window, that’s just inviting those thieves in!! Think about an external power point or solar/battery operated lights.
  • Keep that packaging inside till the last minute – nothing like giving thieves the “heads up” to what you may have inside your property. So, keep that packaging, from your latest purchases, out of sight till it needs to go. The same can be said for any receipts.
  • Check those doors and windows for any weak spots – get that lock fixed, maybe think about adding further security too.
  • Sheds & Garages – keep them locked up!! Some of you may have those remotes to open your garage doors and increasingly these are being targeted, with drivers keeping them in their cars. Once stolen they can open your garage and in some cases, gain access to your house.
  • Please, please, please don’t leave your spare key/s under the rug, flowerpot or rock. However ingenious you may think your hiding spot is, I guarantee thieves will out smart you on this point.
  • This one goes without saying if you have an alarm SET IT!!
  • Keeping curtains/blinds closed at night, timers on lights if you’re going to be out are also an inexpensive way to deter would be thieves. Kevin from Home Alone sure had the right idea and he was only 8 years old!!
  • If you’re going to be away, remember to cancel those things delivered on a daily basis (does anyone have their milk still delivered?). How friendly are you with your neighbours? Maybe get them to park on your drive while you’re not there, it just gives the illusion of being occupied.

These are just a few things that may prevent you and your home becoming a target for thieves.

Of course, here at Coversure Insurance Services Palmers Green, all we want is for you all to have a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2019!! But if you would like to speak to us about your existing household cover, or are looking for a new quote to suit, then please feel free to give us a call on 02086179471, email us or even pop in and see us. We can’t promise a mince pie, but we can promise you some sound advice and a coffee.

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