What Do Residents Love About Nottingham?

What Do Residents Love About Nottingham?

As you’ll know from our recent blogs, Nottingham is a changing city. With plans and developments set out for years to come, Nottingham as we know it could drastically change within the next 10-15 years. Though not all changes are popular with local residents and some key elements have been quite divisive. Nottingham Post recently took to the streets to gain public opinion on what are the elements of Nottingham people love and the areas they won’t want affecting by future developments.

How Is Nottingham’s Culture?

Mostly untouched in the development works, Nottingham’s culture and history is something clearly very dear to the local residents. From the Robin Hood statue to Nottingham Castle, residents were overwhelmingly positive in their love for the local history of Nottingham.

One important area of Nottingham that was came up regularly in the Nottingham Post interviews was the Old Market Square. The picturesque square is often a flurry of activity during peak seasons and the Council House is a sight to behold for tourists and locals.

Though work is expected on the area in the near future it is currently looking like it will be a refresh, rather than a drastic change. With Old Market Square being one of, if not the, most popular areas in town it’s understandable that wear and tear has occurred. The Council want to refresh the area with new planters and vibrant flowers within them.

Does Nottingham Have Good Transport?

A more controversial area to locals, Nottingham’s transport offering has been under scrutiny in recent years with many unhappy with the tram offering. The residents Nottingham Post spoke to were mostly complimentary about local links, though the comments on the article showed the other side of those that were unhappy with cancelled services and breaking trams. The effects that the rejuvenated train station will have remains to be seen, though we hope it can lead to even more tourism into Nottingham.

Take into account the possibility of an enforced Clean Air Zone (CAZ) in Nottingham centre and suddenly transport into the area becomes an issue. If residents are currently happy with the transport in the centre of Nottingham, will they be in years to come? It’s a challenge the Council are attempting to conquer with their investment in lower-emissions buses.

You can read more about how Nottingham are trying to solve their air pollution crisis in our recent blog here.

Nottingham Restaurants: Loved By Locals

One of the most positive sections of the article was highlighting the range of local eateries and the qualities that restaurants in the area have. Nottingham has a diverse selection of restaurants that can cater for all tastes. With Michelin star restaurants to high-quality street food, Nottingham can truly provide it all. A simple scroll down Nottingham’s TripAdvisor shows you the diversity with the local area, with cuisines that span the globe taking the highest spots in Nottingham’s section.

With potential developments and retail parks imminent it’s likely we could see more chain restaurants coming to the area. Though Nottingham is still very much a place that independent restaurants can not just survive, but thrive. No matter what is done to Nottingham’s centre or outskirts we believe that Nottingham’s independent restaurants will have room within our city to flourish.

Is Nottingham A Good Place To Live?

Overall the feedback that the Nottingham Post received was incredibly positive and displayed a large amount of love for the area. With planned works to improve Nottingham and bring more jobs (and therefore more people) to the area, we expect Nottingham’s population to grow and the local economy to match.

Housing remains an issue that needs to be conquered, not just in Nottingham but across the UK. Although Nottingham has been remarkably proactive on the property front, trying to get residents to commit to longer leases with landlords and backing affordable housing developments across the city. We hope this allows more people to become residents of Nottingham and enjoy the benefits that such a great place brings.

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