Tools Theft: Easy Ways To Protect Yourself

Tools Theft: Easy Ways To Protect Yourself

While the pandemic has been a quieter time for many tradesman, tool thieves have never been busier. A recent report has revealed a shocking 54% rise in the reported tool thefts in the UK, with the midlands seeing a rise of over 43% in the last 12 months. The reasons for this shocking rise include more vehicles standing idle owing to lockdown and wider use of technology that means forced entry is no longer required, but thieves use key fobs to gain access.

With the average cost of these thefts, including business interruption and replacement of lost items, coming to over £3,000 this is a serious problem. Whether you’re a builder, a carpenter, an electrician or a plumber, your tools are an essential part of your business and they deserve proper protection.

Thankfully getting protection is both easy and affordable. Goods in transit insurance from Coversure Kidderminster can offer you affordable protection with a policy that includes overnight theft cover. In addition to insurance protection there are some other free and simple ways to protect your tools, and in this new blog we’ll give you some insider’s tips on keeping them safe at all times.

We hope that this will prove useful, but if you’d like some independent advice or would like to get a great value goods in transit insurance quote that comes with overnight tools theft cover, then please get in touch. You can call the Coversure Kidderminster team on (01562) 227 532 or email us here.

How To Protect Your Tools From Thieves

Don’t keep tools in your van overnight – this is the safest way to keep your tools secure. At the end of the day, take them out and store them somewhere safe indoors at home in your yard or office. If you have nowhere else to keep them then buy a secure box that’s securely fixed into your van. And don’t forget to put a sticker on the outside of your vehicle saying that no tools are kept in it overnight, that will help deter thieves.

Park your van somewhere secure – if you can park your van in a garage or a secure yard – ideally with CCTV – then your chances of falling foul to tool thieves will be reduced dramatically and your goods in transit insurance premiums should also fall.

Park in a well-lit area – if you have to park it outside your house or at the side of the road then try and do so beneath a street light. Thieves don’t like to be observed and this may make them think twice. Also try and park somewhere so that the main access doors – be they side or rear – are blocked by a post, bollard or a wall. Thieves want to be in and out quickly and obstructions like this will make your van a harder target.

Register with Tool Trace – Tool Trace allows you to upload the details of your tools to a database so that were they stolen, anyone trying to sell them on will find it harder to sell them to legitimate dealers as they can check them before they buy.

Create an inventory – create a list of exactly what tools you own, so you’ll easily be able to tell if any go missing. Assign a value to each one, this will make it easier to assess the amount you’ll need should you need to make a claim.

Personalise your tools – having your company’s name or your initials engraved on the handles will make them easier to identify and less attractive to thieves.

Get Goods In Transit Insurance Protection

Given the increasing ease of access to vehicles and the value of your tools, it’s not surprising that the number of thefts are rising. If you fall victim to this crime you’ll want to be sure you have proper insurance protection in place. As we have said, when you get goods in transit cover from Coversure Kidderminster it comes with overnight theft cover – the time of day that thefts are most likely to occur.

When looking for a goods in transit policy you want to make sure it offers:

Theft protection – it will protect your cargo – supplies and materials as well as tools – if they are stolen whilst in your vehicle. Make sure your policy protects you for overnight parking or periods where you are not in your vehicle, e.g. on the job

Loss of goods – if you happen to lose an item – materials, suppliers etc. – then this will assist with the costs of replacement. You’re often able to set specific limits for levels of this, so make sure to discuss this with your broker to ensure you’re only paying for a level of cover that suits your needs

Damage – accidents happen, things get broken or damaged while being moved and this can get expensive if you’re transporting things like porcelain sanitary wear or glass.

Personal effects – regardless of what your line of work is, you’ll likely have other objects in your van than just the tools of your trade. Personal effects cover provides financial protection if any of your own things are stolen or damaged whilst driving.

Like Some More Help Protecting Your Tools?

If you’d like some help fighting the rising tide of tool theft or just need some independent insurance advice, then please get in touch. You can call the Coversure Kidderminster team on (01562) 227 532 or email us here and we’ll be happy to offer you a “competitive goods in transit insurance quote that comes with overnight tools theft cover.

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