The Changing Face Of Kidderminster

The Changing Face Of Kidderminster

Kidderminster has been through a raft of changes in recent years, from housing developments to new retail parks and improvements to our centre. We’re delighted the town that we’ve been in since the turn of the millennium is changing and improving to attract tourists and local communities to visit the flourishing centre of the town. In this blog we’ll look at what has changed in recent years and what we can expect to change going forward.

Housing Developments In Kidderminster

Across the UK, in line with the Government’s housing plans, new homes have been springing up in Kidderminster and the surrounding areas. Wyre Forest District Council have been making plans and getting developments pushed through to offer a range of homes, of all shapes and sizes, to potential first-time buyers or people who want to move into the area. From Maple Coppice to Himley View, Dowles Road to Bransford Road, there are developments galore for new houses in the area.

Plans are also in place for more houses across the town and the surrounding areas. Though there’s ongoing fights and discussions around building 200 houses on Bewdley fields, most developments appear to be going ahead swimmingly. This includes the likes of the former homes of the Market, Blakebrook School and Sion Hill School, maximising the available space to build.

With plenty of help-to-buy schemes available for entry level houses and apartments, the future seems bright for people who want to move to Kidderminster in the not-too-distant future. With strong travel links, supermarkets and plans for further renovation in the retail world (more on that shortly) Kidderminster is an attractive proposition to live in currently.

Other Developments In Kidderminster

It’s not just the property market that is getting investment and care in the Kidderminster community, our historic high-street is also seeing a range of improvements to breathe life back into the centre. From the £3 million leisure development called Riverside to the Crossley Retail Park on the outskirts, there’s a range of shopping options available and more to come. Weavers Wharf is having individual stores redeveloped, with McDonalds in particular creating more jobs for the local community with their recent change.

There are also transportation improvements coming, with links to Kidderminster from desirable areas such as London and Birmingham, with the new Worcestershire Train Station. Then there’s the existing Kidderminster rail station itself, which is being redeveloped to modernise the station. With both of these in place, Councillor Dr Ken Pollock stated “rail to and from the county will soon be easier than it has been for the last 40 years” when speaking to the Worcester Observer.

We’re sure this is just the tip of the iceberg and we’ll see more developments, new shops and improvements to our existing high-street in the future. We do hope throughout these changes that Kidderminster can continue to retain its identity and history, as that is such massive part of the town.

Kidderminster’s Identity

It’s important for Kidderminster to retain their identity and continue to embrace the history that lead them to where they are today. Thankfully, this identity is retained by organisations like the Museum of Carpet, celebrating what grew Kidderminster to prominence. Tourists or visitors to the area can also visit the historic Severn Valley Railway, meaning that despite the modernised centre you can still take a step back in time and remember the history of this fine town.

As a Kidderminster-based business, we want to embrace the past of this and joined together with the National Carpet Cleaners’ Association to insure carpet cleaners across the country. Carpet has played a large part in the growth of Kidderminster so it made perfect sense to us to look to protect the next generation of carpet cleaners in their working careers.

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