Mini Fleet Insurance: How Can It Help You?

Mini Fleet Insurance: How Can It Help You?

When you hear the term ‘fleet’ your mind immediately wanders to a large wealth of lorries in a distribution plant, bulky vehicles delivering large ranges of haulage across the UK and Europe. But what if we told you that fleet insurance is nowhere near your expectations?

In this blog, we at Coversure Kidderminster will take a look at the benefit of mini-fleet insurance and how it can help a wealth of businesses across the country. Want to know more? Get in touch with our team and we will help you with advice and even a no-obligation fleet quote that meets your business needs. Call us on 01562 822 664 or find our full contact details here .

How Many Vehicles Can Mini Fleet Insurance Cover?

Surprisingly, mini fleet insurance can help you from as little as two vehicles. Specialising between two and five vehicles, mini fleet brings the benefits of fleet insurance to a smaller vehicle range. Meaning if you only have a couple of delivery vehicles you can still benefit from all the perks that fleet insurance is able to offer to you.

The Benefits of Mini Fleet Cover To Small Businesses

Of course, with the lower amount of vehicles you don’t have to be a huge corporation with a platoon of vehicles to gain fleet insurance. This opens you to a wealth of benefits, which we explore below:

  • Save money – By pulling all your individual vehicle policies under one cover, you can often gain a lower premium. You’ll be viewed as a more attractive proposition to the insurer and therefore they’ll often reflect that in their pricing. So, when you already have individual covers you have nothing to lose when it comes to fleet cover.
  • Save time – Then there’s the added benefit of saving time thanks to less admin of your insurance policies. Rather than having five renewal dates you have to remember throughout the year and five different phone calls regarding your vehicles, you can rest assured knowing you have it all covered under one policy. One renewal date means one phone call and that you can focus on what you do best, growing your business.
  • Flexibility – Say you choose to purchase a new vehicle for your business thanks to an increased demand and growth. If you have individual policies it’s another cover that you have to begin from scratch whereas with a fleet policy you can often get in touch with your insurance provider and add the vehicle on. As they already have your basic information, this is a more streamlined process for you.
  • Any authorised driver cover – This piece of cover adds a wealth of convenience for you as a business owner. If one delivery vehicle fails you can move your driver over to another vehicle seamlessly without having to worry about contacting your insurance company to inform them. With any authorised driver cover you are provided with a flexible policy that assists you in your everyday business, something which is invaluable.

Further Capabilities of Fleet Insurance

With mini fleet cover, we’re just scratching the surface on what is a wonderfully broad and all-encompassing policy. You have a plethora of other benefits available to you in the future as a fleet policy owner.

Fleet can cover a range of commercial vehicles, cars and even special types. So if in the future you require a forklift truck or even a crane, you will be able to add this to your fleet policy and continue with an easy to manage policy.

In a way, fleet insurance can future proof your vehicle requirements from an insurance point of view. In Coversure Kidderminster’s case, you can even rest assured that you have a policy of the highest quality as all our fleet insurance covers are underwritten by major UK insurers.

So, as you can see, fleet insurance can be helpful to you regardless of the size of your business. If you have more than two vehicles you could be missing out on some money savings and throwing away a wealth of time you could be using better elsewhere.

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We hope the article above has been of help to you. To get fleet insurance cover that works for you, contact Coversure Kidderminster today. Our team will be happy to help you with all your insurance needs, so get in touch with us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You can call us on 01562 822 664 or find our full contact details here . We look forward to helping you.

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