Is Your Van Properly Insured? Or Do You Need Business Use Cover Too?

Is Your Van Properly Insured? Or Do You Need Business Use Cover Too?

Do you have the right insurance cover for your van? Many van owners don’t realise that even using theirs for hobbies can invalidate their policy. In this latest short blog from Coversure Kidderminster, we’ll help you get the cover you need so you can keep on trucking…

Do You Need Insurance For Business Use?

Do you use your vehicle for business? You may think the answer to this is no, but even if you’re a part-time DJ on a Saturday night or use it to get to work then you may need business usage cover.

But I only drive a few business miles though…

Even if you work for a few hours plastering on the weekend, as far as insurers are concerned you need business van insurance.

Why Is This?

Essentially, your insurance quote is calculated with a risk score. Increasing the use, type, value, or cost to repair a vehicle adds risks, so your insurer needs to know exactly what you are using your van for so that they can properly calculate the risks involved.

What Happens If I Have The Wrong Type of Vehicle Cover?

Unfortunately, an insurer can invalidate your claim in the event of an accident, fire or theft if the incident occurred during business use when you only have a personal insurance protection.

Business van insurance, on the other hand, can protect you against fire, theft, and damage that happens as a result of normal business activities in your vehicle.

It’s not uncommon for a loss adjuster from your insurer to inspect a vehicle following a claim – they often check for engine adjustments, truck-mounted modifications, and vehicle contents.

What Would The Loss of Your Van Mean To You?

Whether you’re a tradesman, courier, builder or just rely on your van to get to work, its loss can be devastating.

It’s not just the hassle or cost of replacing the tools, the vehicle, or repairing the damage — there’s the issue of being unable to work without your transport. And, consequently, the stress of not knowing how you’re going generate income.

The Office of National Statistic has recently reported a 17% increase in vehicle thefts compared to last year.

It’s not too late to get the right type of cover…
… Or to get the right level of cover

Mid-term policy changes are commonplace for van owners, and our team can make getting the van insurance policy that’s right for your needs, easy.

Even if you have the right type cover, you need to make sure that you have the right level of cover too. The implications of underinsurance can prove expensive. Failure to include modifications or enhancements such as extra windows, alloy wheels, engine and suspension upgrades, and chassis conversions can all leave you out of pocket when it comes to a claim if they have not been included on your policy.

Other Van Owner Covers to Consider

There are several add-on commercial insurance policies that van owners can take out for extra peace of mind, including:

  • Own goods – for covering your tools, stock, or items for delivery
  • Hire and reward – for carrying goods, people, or anything that you don’t own
  • Courier and haulage insurance – for when you’re transporting one or more items over long distances

If you have multiple vans or vehicles, you might also benefit from van fleet insurance – where you could achieve a discount versus individual vehicle premiums.

Like To Know More?

If you would like to know more about getting the right van insurance cover or would like some more help, then please contact us. You can call the Coversure Kidderminster team on (01562) 822664, email us by clicking here or request a no-obligation van insurance quote here.

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