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Takeaway Insurance: What’s on the Menu?

At Coversure we offer a range of flexible policies that can cater for the needs of a wide range of food outlets. We will create cover to suit your business’s needs and ensure you have all the elements you need without paying for those you don’t. A typical takeaway insurance policy might include:

  • Public liability – if your takeaway is responsible for causing injury or illness to a member of the public and they decide to take legal action against you, you’ll be glad you have public liability cover in place. It will help with the costs of mounting a defence and paying any compensation awards. It will also protect you against claims for damage or destruction of property while on your premises.
  • Employers’ liability – if you have staff of any kind, you are legally required to have employers’ liability insurance in place. This cover will protect you against the cost of compensation or legal fees you may incur if your business causes injury or illness to its employee. Regardless if your employees are temporary, contracted, part or full-time, if you have employees of any kind, you’ll need this cover in place. It’s the law.
  • Business interruption cover – if something catastrophic was to happen to your business - such as a fire or flood - and your takeaway was forced to close for a period of time, could you cope financially? With no income coming in and bills needing to be paid, would you be able to keep putting food on the table? Business interruption cover provides you with an income while your business is out of action, providing much needed peace of mind in a time of stress.
  • Stock – it’s likely that in your takeaway you’ll have a quantity of highly perishable stock. Whether its frozen meat, fresh veg or anything in between, losing your stock means losing money. Ensuring your stock is covered means that in the event of a fire, flood or a power cut leaving your food unusable, you’ll be covered.
  • Equipment – your equipment isn’t cheap and if something was to happen to your freezer, deep-fat fryer or pizza oven, you could be facing a hefty bill. Whether it’s damage or the tools of your trade are stolen, equipment cover will assist you with the costs of repair or replacement, allowing you to get back to business as usual sooner.
  • Money – many takeaway owners don’t realise that money is rarely included as part of their standard contents cover. In a cash business such as yours, having money cover will protect your cash whilst it’s on the premises (whether that’s in or out of a safe) as well as when it’s on the move to and from the bank.
  • Goods in Transit – the likelihood is that you’ll deliver as a takeaway and goods in transit is there to protect your drivers and their deliveries. Goods in transit insurance covers your deliveries, so if anything was to happen on the road you would be able to claim for damages

What Are the Benefits of Takeaway Insurance?

Having insurance that has been designed for your business’s operations brings benefits:

  • Save Time – by having a takeaway insurance policy, you’re putting various pieces of cover together in one, umbrella-style policy. This means you only have one policy to manage, one renewal date to remember and one broker to deal with in the event of claim
  • Save Money – as you’re effectively buying insurance in bulk, you can save money versus taking out several separate covers
  • Flexibility – do you need to make a change to your business? With takeaway insurance, you’ll only have one policy to amend. Previously the messy and time-consuming process of amending so many covers could’ve put you off making positive changes to your business structure, well with takeaway insurance you can rest-assured that the admin won’t hold you back from changing

Takeaway Insurance Coversure

Who Can We Cover?

It does what it says on the tin and can cover the majority of takeaways in the UK. So, it doesn’t matter which of the below you offer, Coversure can help you with your takeaway insurance cover:

  • Fish and Chips
  • Pizza
  • Indian
  • Chinese
  • Kebabs
  • Burgers

Why Choose Coversure? Over 97% Customer Satisfaction Score

With over 90 offices across the UK, great value protection is never too far away. With Coversure you get an award-winning combination of high-quality covers, supplied by some of the UK's largest insurers, and dedicated customer service supplied by a local, independent broker. With privileged access to insurers such as Aviva, Covea, RSA, with Coversure you can get the best from the best at a competitive premium. Little wonder then that over 97%* of our customers are either very satisfied or satisfied with our service.

*Ratings based on Coversure's 2016 Customer Survey.

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