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Special Types Insurance Through Coversure: Lightening the Load

Whether you have a construction firm with its own diggers and steamrollers, a plant hire business or even a farm and need protection for tractors, combines and sprayers, then a special types insurance quote through Coversure could save you money and time.

With special types cover through Coversure, you can not only protect a wide range of high value vehicles – everything from cherry pickers and mobile cranes to steam rollers or JCBs – but you can also protect your drivers and your business’ liabilities too. That’s because with the flexible special types vehicle insurance from Coversure you can add cost-effective public liability or hired-in plant cover as part of your package, so saving you time and even money.

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Which Vehicles Can A Special Types Policy Cover?

Special types obviously isn’t the most descriptive of names for a policy, and it leaves many people unaware that their vehicles can benefit from this excellent form of flexible protection. To shed some light as to what can be insured on it, here’s a brief - and by no means comprehensive - list of the sort of plant, agricultural and lifting machines it can protect:

  • Construction plant – including diggers, earth movers, mobile cranes and dump trucks
  • Agricultural vehicles – tractors, combine harvesters, sprayers, beet lifters, paraploughs, trailers and all the other tools of the famers’ trade
  • Lifting equipment – cranes, forklift trucks, mobile cranes, cherry pickers, mobile scissor lifts and pretty much any other form of mobile lifting equipment you care to name
  • Road maintenance vehicles – including road sweepers, self-propelled tar layers and steam rollers
  • Road-risk plant – if your plant machinery has to use the public highway for the purposes of moving supplies or taking away spoil or muck, then you can get a special types policy to insure it while it does

So, as you can see, this is a cover that can help many businesses with many types of specialist equipment. If you would like to know more about how special types insurance cover can help you, then click here now to contact your local Coversure office.

Who Can Get Cover?

Unlike some other specialist motor policies – such as fleet insurance which requires at least two vehicles to be insured to qualify for cover – special types is open to anyone of legal driving age with an appropriate vehicle.

Tips for Saving On Cover

There are a couple of easy ways to save money on your special types insurance:

  • Try and group as many vehicles as you can together on the same policy - in the same way that fleet insurance costs per vehicle can be lower owing to the number of vehicles being insured, so the same can apply here
  • Always use an independent broker – this is a specialist, complex area of insurance and a broker – especially one such as us that has access to great cover from some of the best insurers - could save you time and money on your policy

Special Types Insurance Coversure

What Can Special Types Insurance Cover?

When you take out this type of policy through Coversure you can choose from a wide range of cover options and any-driver protection comes as standard. These options include:

  • Road risks only
  • Third-party working risks (TPWR)
  • Accidental damage
  • Trailer cover for agricultural vehiclesvGlass cover
  • Loss or damage to trailers
  • Voluntary excess

Why Choose Coversure? Over 97% Customer Satisfaction Score

With over 90 offices across the UK, great value protection is never too far away. With Coversure you get an award-winning combination of high-quality covers, supplied by some of the UK's largest insurers, and dedicated customer service supplied by a local, independent broker. With privileged access to insurers such as Aviva, Covea, RSA, with Coversure you can get the best from the best at a competitive premium. Little wonder then that over 97%* of our customers are either very satisfied or satisfied with our service.

*Ratings based on Coversure's 2016 Customer Survey.

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Coversure's offices have years of experience in providing great value special types and plant insurance. So why not get in touch with your local Coversure office today. They will be more than happy to assist you with finding the cover you need for an affordable premium.

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