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With margins tight and deadlines tighter, the last thing couriers can afford to do is pay too much for their insurance or spend time shopping around for a cheap courier insurance quote. Happily, with Coversure looking after you, you won’t have to. Through our close relationships with some of the country’s leading insurers – including Aviva, Covea and the RAC – we can scour our markets to find a policy that suits your needs and your pocket.

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Protecting Couriers Since 1986

Since our founding in 1986, we have helped thousands of professional drivers get the protection they need. Our flexible, affordable cover can insure:

  • Couriers
  • Van owners who transport goods for payment
  • Delivery drivers
  • Lifestyle couriers

We’ve gained a deep understanding of the challenges you face and can tailor cover to meet your needs. For example; if you’ve 2 or more vehicles we’ll recommend you save time and money with a courier fleet quote. If you’re looking for a van policy, we’ll make sure you that your van insurance covers you for paid work. And if you’re a part-time or ‘lifestyle courier’, we’ll offer you the cover you need to be road legal while doing deliveries.

Top Tips for Saving on Courier Insurance

While demand for drivers has never been higher, the market remains ruthlessly competitive and keeping costs down is vital to your business’s success. To help you cut the cost of your courier insurance, here are a few top tips from Coversure;

  • Consider a higher excess – raising your excess – the amount you pay in the event of a claim – can help reduce your premiums. If you have a good (low) claims history, then this can prove a good option
  • Always check the policy – or better still have your broker check it for you. Given the nature of your business, insurers will make provision for a wide range of eventualities – such as the carrying of hazardous goods or European cover – and if these aren’t relevant to you then why pay for them?
  • Always use an insurance broker – yes, we would say that, but it’s true. Your local Coversure office can not only save you time by doing the shopping around for you, they can use their industry expertise to find you the right policy at the right price
  • Pay annually – while it may be temptingly convenient to pay in instalments, you may pay less if you pay in one lump sum
  • Protect your vehicle - vans and other delivery vehicles are a really attractive target for thieves and protecting yours can help reduce quotes - especially as doing so could reduce your number of claims. Dashcams, deadlocks and garaging overnight are all good ways to help lower premiums
  • More than one vehicle? Consider courier fleet insurance - if you have 2 or more vehicles - be they vans, cars, motorbikes or even trucks – then you could save even more time and money by taking out courier fleet insurance. With one renewal date, lower per-vehicle premiums and flexibility as to who can drive your vehicles, this can make a huge amount of sense. If you’d like a courier fleet insurance quote, then contact your local Coversure office today
  • Don’t cut corners on cover – saving money on your policy is obviously important, but don’t cut elements that could end up costing your more in the long-term. Not having public liability protection or failing to declare difficult drivers – those with convictions or under the age of 25 – can cut quotes, but it could come back to haunt you…

Who Needs Courier Insurance?

This may sound like a daft question but with the rise of lifestyle couriers and people using vans for business purposes, the number of drivers in need of courier or specialist van insurance has risen.

Lifestyle couriers – if you do deliveries for money you need courier insurance cover as your standard car, bike or van policy will not be valid. Even if you only work part-time or temporarily, you still need this added level of cover

Van drivers – if you only use your van for getting yourself around, don’t undertake deliveries – even of your own goods – and don’t do things like transport a band’s equipment about to gigs as a favour, then standard van insurance is fine.

If, like most van owners, you do one or all of the above then you may need a courier policy or at the very least business van insurance. This can be used by:

  • Couriers
  • Drivers delivering goods to customers or supplies
  • Those who use their vans for paid work
  • Drivers who carry their own goods

If you have any concerns as to which type of policy you need, or would like to discuss your insurance needs, then please contact your local Coversure office. They’ll be happy to give you the advice you need to keep you safe and legal.

Courier Insurance Extras

As a courier getting the right cover matters - after all your vehicle isn’t just your method of transport, it’s your business too. Having inadequate protection could cost you dear, so to help you get the cover you need here’s Coversure’s guide to some courier insurance extras you may want to consider:

  • Goods in transit insurance – this is a really important option that means that should your customer’s goods be damaged while being delivered, you won’t be left financially liable for their goods needing a repair or replacement. It’s worth checking the details of what’s covered by your goods in transit insurance as some policies come with exclusions as to what you can carry. These exclusions typically include things such as livestock, hazardous goods and glass bottles, such as wine, but may also include goods moved during a house move. You may also want to check the level of protection on offer. Some insurers will only provide partial cover for certain valuable items which they deem to be ‘theft-attractive goods’ – mobile phones or tablet computers for instance
  • Uninsured loss recovery – this will cover you against any uninsured loss, so helps you to reclaim any loss of earnings, excesses and out of pocket expenses should you be involved in a non-fault claim
  • Legal protection insurance – motor legal protection cover gives you extra protection should you be involved in an accident that leads to ongoing legal action
  • Protected no claims bonus – again, this works in the same way as your protected no claims works on your car or van insurance, and saves you losing your no claims bonus in the event of a claim

Why Choose Coversure? Over 97% Customer Satisfaction Score

With over 90 offices across the UK, great value protection is never too far away. With Coversure you get an award-winning combination of high-quality covers, supplied by some of the UK's largest insurers, and dedicated customer service supplied by a local, independent broker. With privileged access to insurers such as Aviva, Covea, RSA, with Coversure you can get the best from the best at a competitive premium. Little wonder then that over 97%* of our customers are either very satisfied or satisfied with our service.

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