Does Your Plant or Machinery Need Inspection?

Does Your Plant or Machinery Need Inspection?

Making sure your lifting equipment and boiler plant are working and in top condition can be vital in making sure that your staff, members of the public and properties are not at risk of any issues that may occur.

Depending on the type of plant and machinery you use there is a possibility that the equipment may need an annual inspection, and in some cases, it may need regular inspections throughout the year – and this could be required by law. So, does your plant or machinery require an inspection? Find out in this guide.

If, at any point, you have any questions about your plant or machinery or would like to talk to our dedicated insurance team to make sure you are covered in the case of an accident or unfortunate event, feel free to call us on 0800 308 1234 or email us by clicking here.

Lifting Equipment And Plant Regulations

In your business you know how important lifting equipment is, no matter if you use it on a regular basis or rent it out, you need to make sure your equipment is safe and in good condition ready to use.

Lifting equipment and plant equipment will require inspection to meet the requirements of the lifting operations and lifting equipment regulations 1998 (LOLER). This requirement will be vital to make sure your equipment won’t cause any unnecessary risk or injury. Some of the equipment under this requirement include:

List of LOLER equipment

Boiler Plant And Pressure Equipment

Just like lifting equipment, boiler plant and pressure equipment needs to be kept in good working order to make sure it is safe and suitable for use. Also, just like lifting equipment, there are regulations around this equipment. Boiler plant and pressure equipment need to be inspected in line with regulation 9 of the Pressure Systems Safety Regulation 2000 (PSSR), below is a list of plant and equipment that needs to be inspected under PSSR, this is not an exhaustive list but feel free to contact us to find out if your equipment needs an inspection:

PSR Equipment list

Do I Really Need That Inspection?

Short answer; yes. Long answer; if you fail to get your equipment correctly inspected there can be serious repercussions, including jail time and hefty fines. Each year many companies receive large fines and, in some cases, prison sentences because they failed to get their equipment inspected, so it is vital you get your equipment looked at.
Whilst we have given you a broad indication of what plant and machinery are covered by regulations. It is very important to remember that all inspections and examinations must be made by a ‘competent person’, this is someone with the knowledge and experience of working with plant equipment and machinery. With our knowledge on the requirements for plant and machinery inspections, we can help you book in the inspection you need to make sure your equipment is safe, giving you the peace of mind and relevant cover required if anything goes wrong.

Inspected, But Protected?

So, now all of your equipment has been inspected and is safe to use or rent out but what happens if it gets damaged, causes damage or injuries someone? This is when having the correct insurance cover in place is important. Here at Coversure Ilkeston we know insurance – especially special types, including plant and equipment– so talk to one of our team if you need help making sure your equipment is fully protected.

We search our panel of insurers to find you, not just the best cover we can but also, the best price we can. This includes a range of special types and vehicles, such as cherry pickers, forklift trucks, agricultural vehicles, cranes and road sweepers.

Like Some More Help?

We hope this blog has been useful to you, if you would like to talk to our team for some advice on your equipment or insurance, or get a free no-obligation insurance quote feel free to call us on 0800 308 1234 or email us by clicking here.

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