What Insurance Do Scaffolders and Roofers Need?

What Insurance Do Scaffolders and Roofers Need?

As a scaffolder you’ll face many different type of risks from day to day, one day you could be building a scaffolding rig and the next you could be working on a vast stadium. Either way, you’ll be working up high with heavy and expensive equipment, meaning costly and dangerous accidents can happen. That’s where a comprehensive insurance policy can come in, helping to protect you against potential business-ending claims.

Gaining your tradesman insurance through Coversure can provide you with peace of mind, knowing that you’re being covered by professionals that care. So for a comprehensive policy, get in touch with Coversure Hull today on 01482 434343 or click here for our full contact us details.

What Insurance Should Scaffolders and Roofers Gain?

Understandably, you’ll want a wide range of cover to protect you, your employees, the public and the tools of your trade. Coversure Hull can offer the following policies which will help to protect you:

  • Public liability – easily the most important cover for all types of tradesman. Public liability insurance can help to cover you against accidents that would occur in your regular working day. If an accident occurs on your building site and a member of the public is hurt or their property is damaged and they decide to take action, public liability will assist you with the costs of repair, legal fees and compensation if necessary. If you are working in a public space, as is often the case, public liability insurance could save your business from a large bill. It will also protect you against any damage or illness caused to the tenants of a property you are working on. You may need a higher limit than other trades, due to the increased danger associated with your job.
  • Employers’ liability insurance – when you have employees you are legally required to have employers’ liability insurance. You need this regardless of whether your employees are part-time, permanent, contractors or temporary workers over the Christmas period. This type of cover will help to protect your business against legal costs if an employee decides to sue you over an unsafe environment. It’s similar to public liability but for those working for you.
  • Tools insurance – you need your tools to do your work. Thieves break into tradesman’s vans in the hope of earning some quick cash that tools can bring. If that happened to you, your life as tradesman would get a lot harder and you would work longer hours to make ends meat. Tools can be expensive to replace and you could be put out of pocket due to no fault of your own. Personal tool cover can assist you here, covering your tools against theft and accidental damage so that if the worst does happen, you’ll be able to get them replaced or repaired.
  • Personal accident cover – you need to be healthy and fit to be able to do your job in order to keep the money coming in. If you were to have an accident and couldn’t work as much, or at all, during the recovery period you could be left with little or no income. Personal accident cover helps to protect your income so while you’re not able to work you can still put food on the table for the family.
  • Contractors all-risks insurance – if you have a site with a wide range of building materials and tradesmen working under contracts, then this cover is right up your street. It could protect you against loss, theft and damage to your materials. It can also assist with legal fees if a contract is terminated and you’re left to pay the bill.
  • Commercial vehicle – this will help to protect your vehicle of choice for business purposes. Inclusive policies through Coversure can cover vans, trucks, and cars. If you have a vehicle that is a little out of the ordinary give your local Coversure office a call and we’ll do all we can to help.

How Can You Possibly Save On Your Scaffolding and Roofers Insurance?

You know what type of cover you need but how do you save on it? We have several tips tailored to this specific type of cover below.

  • Get a Tradesman insurance policy – with scaffolding you’ll need several of the different insurance types as listed above. All of them can be packaged into a tailored tradesman policy. This could save you money on your premium and save you time which you can spend on something more valuable than searching the internet for different types of cover. You’ll only have one renewal date to remember also, making for a convenient renewal process.
  • Speak to a local independent broker – while we may be biased on this option, you could save money by speaking to them. We have a wide range of available insurers to choose from and can scan our market to find the most suitable policy for you and tailor it perfectly for your needs. By having your insurance tailored for you, you are only paying for what you need.
  • Reducing the risk of a claim – the more you can reduce a risk you also reduce the chances of having to deal with a claim. Even having one claim on your insurance can raise your premiums by a considerable amount so it’s best to nip the risk in the bud. Make sure that your staff are trained and well aware of all safety risks on site so you can keep your premiums as low as possible.

Contact Coversure Hull For Your Scaffolders and Roofers Insurance

To find out more about how our tradesmen cover can protect you and your business, contact Coversure Hull today. You can call us on 01482 434343 or click here for our full contact details.

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