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Looking for better products or a good home for your hard earned clients?

As a general insurance broker in today's highly competitive marketplace you will be well aware of the additional pressures brought to bear on your business by product providers and the regulatory environment.

Having established over 100 insurance broking businesses during the past 23 years we are fully aware of the difficulties that you face, yet we have a proven track record in creating highly profitable businesses.

On average, our branches achieve income of 22% of GWP.

Further details about owning a Coversure franchise:

For further details about owning a Coversure franchise please download our new franchisee's guide.

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Anyone who has worked in the Insurance industry during the past 20 odd years will have seen advertisements placed in the insurance press by Coversure encouraging people to establish their own insurance broking businesses.

"Bring us your experience and your enthusiasm", we said and we will give you all you need to become a successful broker. We have been pretty good at it too, having opened 100 odd branches during that time.

In the early days, we fully expected those branches whose 5 year licences had run their course to leave us. In reality what happened was that they came back to us and wanted to sign up for another term. Now, why would an established broking business want to do that?

The reason, put quite simply, is money.

We have spent many years putting together computer systems, agency facilities, and various support packages for our licence holders but, at the end of the day the reason they want to stay with us is that, compared to most of their competitors, they earn more.

As an independent insurance broker working hard in today's marketplace we would like to offer you the opportunity to join us.

We could try to get your interest by offering compliance support. We could whet your appetite by offering a wide range of products and agency facilities. We could even try to entice you out of your back office by offering to deal with your accounts for you, but, as we said before, what will probably interest you most will be that chance to earn more money, 30% more in fact.


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