Property Underinsurance: Are You at Risk?

Property Underinsurance: Are You at Risk?

82% of Properties Are Underinsured. Is Yours?

A recent report* has revealed the shocking statistic that 82% of UK properties are currently underinsured, which begs the question, is yours…?

In this new blog we’ll look at the risks you face if your property is underinsured, what causes property underinsurance and how you can escape from this potentially costly trap

Is Your Property Underinsured? Find Out Now!

According to a report by, 9 out of 10 UK properties do not have the correct levels of insurance cover. 82% are underinsured, leaving their owners – be they landlords or homeowners – open to significant financial loses should they need to make a claim.

Why Are So Many UK Properties Underinsured?

There are several reasons why this problem occurs (see below) but the outcome is always the same: the amount your insurer pays out in the event of a claim will be less than you need to cover your losses. By working on what’s known as the ‘average condition’, your insurer will pay you what it calculates your premium entitles you to. This can lead to losses of tens, even hundreds of thousands of pounds so making sure you have the correct level of cover in place is essential.

If you’re worried that you may be underinsured, contact your local Coversure office today.

Escape The Property Underinsurance – Follow These 3 Steps

While its easy to fall in to the underinsure trap, freeing yourself from is just as straightforward. All you need to do is follow Coversure’s 3-step plan.

Underinsurance 4 step cure

Step 1: Contact your local Coversure office
Step 2: Get a virtual assesment of your property
Step 3: Recieve a tailor made property quotation

It’s as simple as that. The whole process can be done in a matter of days and will give you one less thing to worry about. To take your first step on the road to adequate property protection, contact your local Coversure office today.

Why Does Property Underinsurance Occur?

This troubling problem can occur for a number of reasons, the principal ones being:

• Incorrect Reinstatement Value – this is a significant problem for landlords, commercial landlords, property investors and homeowners and is at the root of the property underinsurance crisis we’re experiencing.

The reinstatement value of a property isn’t the market value of the building, rather the amount it would cost to rebuild it. This includes things such as construction costs, demolition and site clearance, architect’s and surveyor’s fees, planning charges, specialist tradesmen etc. Such fees can often be significantly higher than the market valuation of the property and based on the average condition clause in your policy you could be left with a huge shortfall. Let’s look at an example:

Property Underinsurance Case Study

Mr and Mrs Smith have owned a rental property Nottingham for the past 10 years. The property’s rebuild value was assessed when they bought it and set at £250,000.
One bright winter’s day while the tenants are out at work disaster strikes: a gas pipe ruptures; the gas ignites and blows the property to bits.

The Smiths start collecting quotes on rebuilding the property, gathering everything from demolition and surveyors’ fees to builders and decorators’ estimates. In total the sum comes to £550,000 and thanks to pandemic and the disruption to supply chains, the work will take up to 9 months to complete.

When the Smiths receive settlement from their insurers, they are horrified to find that it is only for £250,000 and not the £550,000 they need to complete the work. Thanks to the “average condition” clause in their policy this is all the insurer is obliged to pay. Had Mr & Smith followed Coversure’s 3-step plan, they could have been saved a lot of heartache and significant financial losses.

Home/Rental Property Contents Cover Are Too Low – while not as fundamental as the reinstatement issue, a shortfall in contents cover is common and can cost you dearly in the event of a claim. Many people – including landlords – forget to include things like curtains, carpets, and other fittings, all of which may need replacing in the event of a problem.

Business Contents Cover Is Too Low – most commercial landlord policies are worked out on a reinstatement basis (new for old) rather than an indemnity settlement (used/second hand) one. When it comes to commercial properties and businesses it’s important to make sure that your sum insured is sufficient to cover the cost of buying a new replacement and not the price your paid or a second-hand value. Business contents routinely have their values written down on balance sheets and this can lead to a shortfall in contents cover.

Business Interruption Indemnity Periods Are Too Short – business interruption cover – the cover that can pay out for a period should you be unable to trade – is often underestimated by business owners. The main reason for this is a lack of clear advice on how long a period they should have written into their policy. Unless you happen to be in construction or have been affected by a disaster that has forced you to close in the past, it’s unlikely that you will know quite how long it will take to get your premises refurbished after a flood or fire, how long it will take for essential services to be restored or how long rebuilding your customer base will take. This is one of those occasions where caution needs to be your watchword and where getting some specialist independent insurance advice is a must.

Escape The Property Underinsurance Trap

As you can see property underinsurance is a serious problem, one that could leave you facing huge bills should disaster strike your property. To find out if you’ve fallen foul of it and to take steps to escape it, contact Coversure today. With 90 offices throughout the UK, friendly, independent advice is never far from home. To find your local office please use the Coversure office finder.

*Rebuild data

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