How To Look After Your Caravan

How To Look After Your Caravan

The summer holidays are almost here and the kids are restless, what do you do? Take them camping of course. But you aren’t the most partial to the whole cramming into tent like sardines malarkey. You want the comforts of home, your own private shower and a TV to catch up on the soaps you’ve been missing out on whilst at home taking care of the daily chores around the house and garden. This is where a caravan is the perfect solution, but how do you maintain your mobile holiday-home?

How To Maintain Your Caravan

Now, before you set off on your adventure to your local beach if you’ve had your caravan for a long time you’ll need to carry out a bit of basic spot maintenance and cleaning to ensure your caravan can make the long journey and remain comfortable to stay in

  • First things first, check all entrances to the caravan and windows are all working properly and can lock.
  • Check the battery; you don’t want to run out of light when searching for your keys. You’ll also want to check the electrics are in fully working order. If the brake lights aren’t working, you’re going nowhere without getting them fixed first by a registered mechanic.
  • Check the gas. Check everything separately. If the flame is any other colour than blue, you have a problem and it will need to be fixed or replaced, you definitely don’t want carbon monoxide poisoning. Check the smoke, carbon monoxide alarms and fire extinguisher whilst you’re at it.
  • Tyres should be road legal with at least 1.6mm tread left and you should make sure they are appropriately inflated.
  • Flush the water system with sterilising fluid so you and your family don’t catch any nasty bugs. Similarly always check the toilet cassette for any leakages or cracks.
  • The external walls and fittings shouldn’t have any damage before you set off on your adventure. A qualified professional should carry out the repairs should you find anything astray.
  • Regular checks will include: Corner steadies, hitch head, Jockey wheel, breakaway cable and the wheel nuts.

How Best To Clean Your Caravan

If you are fortunate enough to be one of those people that clean when stressed then this will be a job for you. External cleaning of a caravan is very much like washing your car; you work from the top down, rinse, wash again then polish. However the interior of the caravan can be quite tricky depending on your level of cleaning expertise. If you are like Trinny and Suzannah it’ll be a breeze, but if you’re like me you’ll be wanting to give it a quick but thorough clean.

A simple hoover and dusting session won’t quite cut it unfortunately but certainly helps get things rolling. You’ll want to clean under every detachable surface whilst airing the caravan out so you minimise the chances of getting damp. The drains in the caravan can give off nasty odours if left over time. Try mixing a tablespoon of bicarbonate soda with a litre of warm water and after placing a bung in the outlet you can fill the pipes. Leave it for a few hours then rinse away for clean drainage pipes.

Renew Your Caravan Insurance

After all it has been a while since you last took the caravan out on a trip. Coversure has the caravan insurance for you. You can pop into your local office or get in touch via phone or email with your insurance requirements.

Want To Know More?

Coversure’s caravan offering can cover various issues, such as:

  • Full all risks cover
  • Awning cover
  • Cover that is available whether you are on the road or off of it and up to 180 days in Europe at no extra cost
  • We can cover all caravans up to the age of 20 and we can offer new for old cover on caravans up to 10 years of age
  • Should any inhabitable damage happen whilst you’re on holiday we’ve got you covered and we’ll cover your hotel accommodation or rental of another caravan so you can continue with your holiday
  • We have sensible security requirements (You’ll only be required to have a hitch lock and a wheel clamp to be covered)

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