How to Keep Your Goods Secure When Out On Delivery

How to Keep Your Goods Secure When Out On Delivery

With the continuing rise of vehicle related crime, couriers and hauliers are focusing more of their time on ensuring their goods are secure and reducing the likelihood of crime. A record 831,000 vehicle-related thefts occurred in 2016, highlighting the need to ensure your goods are kept as safe as possible. But how do you keep your goods safe whilst still maintaining delivery times? Well, Coversure have the answer.

Vehicle Security

A large part of protecting your goods is preventing easy access to your haulage. You wouldn’t have a safe that you could just open up and take your valuables, so why treat your haulage in the same way? There’s a wealth of preventative methods available, from large locks to alarms, designed to make it harder for criminals to break into your vehicle.

There’s no need for this to break the bank, so if you’re a driver for distributors like Hermes or Yodel, it won’t eat into your profits too much. Many couriers, and tradesmen, opt for a message declaring no goods or tools are left in the vehicle overnight and a visible lock on the doors. Obviously if you’re transporting high-end and expensive goods you might want a more sophisticated system than this to provide you peace of mind when you leave your vehicle. The correct type of security depends on your needs as the courier.

Route Planning

Don’t put yourself in any unnecessary danger; complete some research around your delivery destinations. By planning your route effectively you could avoid more troublesome areas and lower the likelihood of any robbery of your goods. Though not the most efficient method of delivering, taking a little more time to complete your route is far better than having your vehicle’s contents stolen whilst trying to save a couple of minutes.


Similar to planning your route, knowing where you’re going to park your vehicle can prevent you from leaving your vehicle somewhere unsafe. Ensure, if you can, you have somewhere well lit, gated and preferably guarded overnight to leave your vehicle. Even for short term parking, make sure the area is safe and includes security cameras, try and park in direct site of these to warn off potential thieves from targeting your vehicle.

Common Sense

Most dangerous situations and robberies can be prevented simply by applying a bit of common sense. Don’t leave your vehicle running and unlocked whilst walking around outside. Lock yourself in when in traffic in vulnerable areas. If you’re approached by someone claiming to be from your delivery destination and you’re concerned they’re not legitimate, phone your company or the final delivery destination. Common sense can solve many problems before they get to a level which involves loss or damage of your goods.

Packaging and Stacking

Now we’ve covered the security of your vehicle, let’s cover protecting your goods whilst they’re in your vehicle. The packaging you use on your goods is vital to their safety and preventing as much damage as possible whilst completing your route. Particularly with fragile and expensive goods, the use of bubble wrap and polystyrene chips can add a much needed layer of protection to keep your goods in perfect condition.

Next up is stacking; you want to fill your van in a way that is unlikely to put the packages in the vehicle at risk. Obviously this isn’t as straightforward as it sounds, particularly when you’ll want to have packages closer to the doors that are earlier in your route for efficiency. Ultimately, this comes down to common sense again. You’re obviously not going to place the large heavy package containing wooden furniture on top of a collection of fragile and expensive vases. Take all the appropriate steps to keep your packages secure so they don’t move in transit.


If everything else fails, you might want peace of mind with a comprehensive insurance policy covering you, your vehicle and your goods. Insurance for couriers or fleet vehicles can be tailored around your individual needs to cover a wealth of possibilities. Courier insurance in particular could cover your goods whilst in transit, liability of the operator and even protection of the stock within the warehouse.

What’s even better is that if you have security systems already on your vehicle, you could benefit from a cheaper insurance premium. For when all other procedures fail, let your insurance be there to ensure you’re not left out of pocket.

Courier Cover from Coversure

To keep your goods protected and gain peace of mind, talk to your local Coversure office about courier insurance. Coversure offer wealth of policies in the industry and will discuss with you to provide custom policies that suit your requirements, meaning you only pay for what you need.

So, for some impartial insurance advice or a free no-obligation quote, get in touch with Coversure today. Find your local Coversure office by clicking here, or to find out more about our courier policies click here.

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