Franchisee Interview with Stuart Wilson

Franchisee Interview with Stuart Wilson

‘What’s it like really like being a Coversure franchisee?’ is a question we get asked by most of our prospective franchise holders. To answer it we spoke to Coversure’s franchise holder in Colne, Stuart Wilson to get the inside story on being a Coversure franchisee.

How long have you been a Coversure Franchise holder?
Since March 2004.

And prior to Coversure, what was your insurance experience – you obviously had at least three years’ experience in the industry?
I’ve been in the insurance industry my whole career, I started off on a YTS scheme for a local independent broker. I then set up my own brokerage 1996, ran that for 8 years and then came across Coversure.

What was it that made you decide to become a Coversure franchisee – the support, the agencies, the products?
Running my own brokerage was very difficult from a products and support point of view, Insurers wouldn’t back me as my account wasn’t big enough, it was a catch 22 situation really without the products I couldn’t grow my business, on top of this compliance was starting to play a big part in the industry and this was very time consuming for me, add in marketing and accounts and there was no time left to do what I enjoyed most, sales and servicing client’s needs.
p. I visited Coversure head office and was impressed with the whole setup, they could provide me with everything I needed to grow my business, it was a very easy decision to make to sign a franchisee agreement, I was part of the Coversure Franchise Group within a matter of weeks and haven’t looked back since.

On a day-to-day basis, how supportive do you find Coversure HQ?
As mentioned above they help me with all aspects of my business, no issue is too small and there is always someone to talk to if there is a problem or if it’s advice you’re looking for.
p. Recruitment is a big part of my future growth plans and the HR department at Coversure help with everything from job adverts and looking over CV’s to interview techniques, this is just one example of the assistance I get on a day to day basis.

Do they make doing business easier?
Definitely, our own in-house systems and continual improvements make selling insurance a seamless process.

Would you recommend Coversure to other insurance professionals thinking of starting their own brokerage?
In a word, yes, Coversure provide everything you need to start a business and more importantly keep it going.

And what’s the one piece of advice you’d give to someone starting their own Coversure franchise?
Talk to head office, there is always somebody available and you can guarantee a solution will be found, you’re never on your own.

If you could sum up being a Coversure franchise holder in a couple of sentences, what would you say?
Being part of a franchise group allows you to be your own boss and stay in control of your future. With the backing of a much larger organisation.
p. Speaking from experience as someone who has run their own brokerage this is definitely the best of both worlds.
p. Thank you Stuart, long may your success continue. Should you wish to contact John to talk about your insurance needs, you can call him on (01282) 789 906 or email him here.

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