Coversure Triumph at Prestigious Franchise Awards

Coversure Triumph at Prestigious Franchise Awards

On Thursday the UK’s leading franchise business owners gathered in Milton Keynes for the annual Best Franchise Awards. This prestigious event saw Coversure Insurance Services collect a coveted ‘Continuous Improvement Award’ and gain a Five Star Rating for its franchise offering and even saw Coversure become a finalist for ‘Franchise of the Year.’

About the Awards
The Best Franchise Awards puts standards, ethics and best practise at the top of their agenda. They recognise franchises that lead the way in supporting their franchise owners and ones which help them to start and grow sustainable businesses.

Best Franchise Awards organisers, Smith and Henderson, carry out a national survey each year to benchmark the service support, lifestyle and financial returns offered by franchisors, and it was fitting that Coversure Insurance Services gained the ‘Continuous Improvement Award’, a Five Star Rating and become a finalist for ‘Franchise of the Year.

Coversure’s Managing Director, Bob Darling
‘These awards are particularly important to us because they reflect what our franchise holders think of us and they benchmark us against other franchise operations. We are committed to getting better every year and we will continue to invest to make sure our franchise holders are delighted with what we do for them. Our focus has been on helping our franchise holders build long term sustainable businesses. We have invested heavily in people and technology to achieve this and that’s why it means so much to been a finalist in ‘Franchise of the Year’, receive the ‘Continuous Improvement Award’ and gain a Five Star Rating

Nick Elliman, Head of Franchises was delighted with Coversure’s success and added, “We have listened to the feedback in the survey every year and worked on the areas where our franchise holders wanted us to invest. I’m very grateful to the franchise holders who took part in the survey.”

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If you’d like to know more about Coversure Insurance Services multi-award-winning insurance franchises, then please call Nick Elliman on 0800 3081 214, click here to visit the Coversure Franchise website or email Nick by clicking here.

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