Coversure Franchisee Interview with Janice Smith

Coversure Franchisee Interview with Janice Smith

‘What’s it like really like being a Coversure franchisee?’ is a question we get asked by most of our prospective franchise holders. To answer it we spoke to Coversure’s franchise holder in Grantham, Janice Smith to get the inside story on being a Coversure franchisee.

How long have you been a Coversure Franchise holder?
Since October 1st 2004 but prior to that I managed Coversure Grantham from its infancy in 1999. I am proud to have written the first policy at the Grantham branch and to say that the client is still renewing.

And prior to Coversure, what was your insurance experience – you obviously had at least three years’ experience in the industry?
Indeed, just a few more than 3, June 1972 was my first insurance experience as an office junior in a local broker office. Never intending to have a career in insurance, I found myself enthusiastic and excited by the challenges of the industry and still do. Working in each department of several local broker offices and attaining management level, I continued to develop industry knowledge and managerial skills which gave me the confidence to have my own branch of Coversure.

What was it that made you decide to become a Coversure franchisee – the support, the agencies, the products?
All of the above. The support is invaluable, the agencies would not be achievable independently and the products available via the Coversure franchise enable us to place business across a wide spectrum.

On a day-to-day basis, how supportive do you find Coversure HQ?
Every department at HQ provide a support system for us on a daily basis. Apart from the facilities we have there are specialist schemes that are available to us via head office to assist with the placing of more complex risks. Expert advice is always on hand and the Compliance and IT, which alone would be a major issue and expenditure for an independent broker, are provided at the highest level to protect me and my business.

Do they make doing business easier?
Without a doubt. Grantham is one of the smaller franchises and the assistance and guidance given by HQ is of great help to us. We are able to concentrate on placing business knowing the support is there when required. I have a large, dependable organisation to call upon but the independence of owning and running my own office. The schemes and product range they provide enable us to facilitate most enquiries.

Would you recommend Coversure to other insurance professionals thinking of starting their own brokerage?
I would not hesitate BUT remember it is not an easy option so ensure that your enthusiasm to succeed matches with the ongoing support and enthusiasm that you will most certainly receive from Coversure and your fellow franchisees

And what’s the one piece of advice you’d give to someone starting their own Coversure franchise?
Be prepared for hard work and remember that excellent customer service is paramount to your success.

If you could sum up being a Coversure franchise holder in a couple of sentences, what would you say?
After working in the insurance industry for many years a Coversure franchise has given me the independence to have my own business but with the security of a larger successful organisation to help me succeed. It also gives me the knowledge and expertise of other franchisees who are always willing to offer assistance. I have secured my future and it is one of the very best decisions I have ever made.

Thank you Janice, long may your success continue. Should you wish to contact Janice to talk about your insurance needs, you can call her on 0800 308 1020, (01476) 565 590 or email her here.

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