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Types of Minibus Insurance

As minibuses are pressed into service in a range of different ways - schools, private use, business use etc. – there are a range of different types of cover.

Minibus Insurance: School's Out!

Minibuses often carry the most valuable cargo on earth: people. Whether they are full of school children on a outing, a bunch of stags on a private jolly or a gaggle of high-earning business travellers off to the airport, minibuses carry them all and minibus owners need to ensure they have the right insurance in place when doing so.

Minibus cover is an essential for anyone owning or operating a minibus for private use - perhaps a school renting one on a temporary basis for a school trip or a business for ferrying staff around. And of course it's equally essential for the hire and reward sectors where the minibus is run as a business: be that on a permanent or temporary basis, such as when on-loan or being rented out.

Minibus Insurance: An Essential Insurance Cover

Whatever the function of the minibus, a quality policy is essential. Good minibus cover will give a range of covers - social and domestic, private and business use, temporary additional drivers etc. and it will also provide extras such as breakdown cover. Breakdown cover for minibuses can be vital for business users as it ensures that any failure of the minibus to pay its way is only temporary. Foreign use can also be covered, whether the jaunt to foreign shores is for school, pleasure or business.

Minibus Insurance: Third Party Insurance Matters…

The most important part of any minibus insurance cover is the third party accident and injury element. Whether the passengers are a bunch of school kids or a group of business people, the implications of inadequate insurance protection can be far reaching should the minibus be unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident.

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